'78 FJ40 Rebuild,I'm ALMOST There!

Dec 4, 2002
JEEZ! :p It's been a long 2 years. The 2F motor is now rebuilt,balanced and blueprinted.The hand-built tub is painted,undercoated,dura-lined and set on the frame with an Energy Suspension body-mount kit.
She's shod with 31x10.50 B.F.G A/T K.O's on 8" painted spoke rims.
The hand-built 5" channel front bumper houses a Warn 8274 winch. The rear hand-built 3" square tube bumper doubles as a tire carrier.
So what's left? I need some carb help. That retro-fitted Motorcraft carb is a bit gunked ,I'm afraid. I would like to change to a Weber but have limited experience (read NONE) setting one up and I'm not sure how much of the original linkages are left from the "Bubba" retro-fit.
I have to get my lights wired correctly. So far all but the left rear lights work but none of them blink or get brighter when brakes are applied.
I'm presently running a ??? header. Everything after the collector was removed for the rebuild. The old exhaust system was a compilation of seemingly junk parts bolted together. I'm considering a pipe going from the header,over the skidplate,to a Flowmaster muffler and exiting a tailpipe in front of the left rear shackle.
First,I have to figure how that skidplate bolts up there.I haven't had any luck starting any of the bolts :doh:
Then it'll be time for tag and insurance to make it road-ready!
Man,the anticipation is killing me! :cheers:
Any input you may have on my remaining projects will be greatly appreciated,thanks. :)
Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
Don't know if this has been suggested, but If I were in your shoes, with such a well done restoration, I would probably do it right the first time and either buy a new Aisain carb (as good as it gets, but spendy), or a rebuilt Aisain. The Weber doesn't really help the performance that much vs a good condition or new Aisain. It also seems that unless you do a lot of Weber conversions, there is a 50/50 success rate. Once again, IMO I would contact Jim C. and ask his advice on the best possible carb/distributor setup for your engine. He knows his $h!t and can supply parts and rebuild kits as well.
I like the stock 40 mufflers. I have some aftermarket (PO) and its alright, but I've heard the stockers on a rebuilt 40 and they sound pretty good IMO. I would like to know how a delta 40 Flow sounds on a 40 though, I've heard them make a Ford inline 6 roar like a hi-perf. big block. (not that 40's really need a roar, they don't have the same inadequacies as Fords and Chevy's do that have to be covered up)
Jan 3, 2003
McCall, ID
Jim Chenowith, landcruiser carb guru. Do a search here and his email address will show up. Or maybe someone will post it.

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