Wanted 77/78 series chassis/axles etc

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Sep 2, 2003
Metro NY
United States
Not sure what model/year combo I'm really looking for but I would like to find a frame + axles + etc (everything but the body & engine/transmission) that ticks these boxes:

2,730 mm (107.5 in) wheelbase (77/78 models I think?)
Coil spring suspension front (or front & rear?)

The dream deal is one I screwed up and passed on a few years back: the truck was near new and got damaged during transport destroying the body... I coulda had exactly what I now want but was not ready to go for then.

Looking to use this for a swap on my FJ45LV.

I know it is real long shot but a guy can dream....

I'm in NY USA, not that it really matters.
Just kidding Mark.

Have you thought about a 79 series frame? Coil front/leaf rear.

Frame is available in the US market for procurement. Took 26 weeks for the last one I procured.

Not worth it for just a bare frame (my LV frame is fine) I was hoping to get something along the lines of the one I passed on (see link above).
Buy a 4Runner.

To use as a donor or to use instead of the LV?

Is there a 4Runner / Tacoma with about a 104" wheelbase?
So despite my starting this thread I am torn: I am a little bit of a purist... My current project is a 2UZ v8/H151 5 speed into the LV, swapping to a disc brake front 40 axle and a later rear (out of a 70 series) to get full floating, DB and parking brake. I know this is not PURE but it retains most of the LV structure.

The truck will be a street/expedition vehicle.

All of that said I would like to optimize the ride (coils/IFS) and reduce the cobbling together (work) of my current plan. But where I am torn is that I feel like a chassis etc swap would make this no longer an FJ45LV while the current swap plans would... just my weird brain dump.
So much less work to just box and link the 45LV frame...
I've got a complete, running LJ 78 Prado that I could potentially part out what you need. Woul be ashamed, as it's a runner. Let me know

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