69' engine rebuild

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Dec 27, 2005
Northern Maryland
Being new to all this please excuse my ignorance when I ask silly questions. I posted a few weeks ago about the garage that siezed my engine and everyone was great in their thoughts. Thanks you.

I am thinking that is might be wise to go ahead and replace the plugs, wires, etc. I won't be doing the work myself, the garage is paying for the labor and rebuild of the engine. With no labor charges I will only be buying parts. They also said the pilot bearing and my down pipe need replaced. Again, he told me that I can get him the parts and their will be no labor since they already are doing it. I should probably do the clutch too because it was not shifting very well.

thanks for web site to download the engine manual, I gave it to them already and they were happy to have it.

I am just looking for some advice and reasurance that I am doing the right thing. If anyone has specific questions I should ask them or specific things I should tell them I would really appriciate it.

One last thing, they replaced the oil pan gasket and the drain plug seal and it is still leaking oil. He said that because it has the shield on it he can't tell where the leak is comming from. He said the gasket appears fine. He thinks it might be comming from either a crack or a failing weld where the drain plug is.

Thanks again everyone I really appriciate you thoughts

Its good to hear that you wont be paying. It was the distributor fiasco, right?
Yes, it was the distributor fiasco. They seem to really want to make things right. It might help that I employee the sister of two of the mechanics (neither of which worked on my rig) and the owners wife and kids are patients of mine.

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