60 series stereo install

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Jun 7, 2003
Foam Lake, SK

I would like to install a new stereo into the HJ61 and am looking for pics and any ideas for the front doors or the kick panels.

I would also like to see any sub boxes that people have built.

How deep of a speaker will fit into the doors? and the back stock location?

Big Blue....
I had componemt Bostons with 6.5" drivers in my front doors in my 62. They were too deep, but i worked it out nice. What I ended up doing was getting another pair of the mount and grill covers that come with the rear stock speakers in 62s....not positive if 60s have the same. That provided additional depth to put in the 6.5", but they had big magnets...bc i was pushing alot to em :D It looked really good man....nice with the bar grill covers...protected them well... just a thought man.

Yo Han
I popped off my rear side panels in the cargo area, replaced the cardboard with ply wood, mounted my 10 inchers, through some sound insulation against the outside metal-- sounds great. I filled in some of the odd dead spaces with canned foam... which seemed to clear up the sound. Nice thing is that they are not in the way, and utilize space that has no purpose....


DO you have any picks of the sub in the side?

That sounds very interesting. I wonder if I a guy could lay fiberglass to enclose the fender/side wall??
What is the stock door speaker size?? I need to put a set in my 60.
The stock front door speakers are 5"

I have a Rockford Fosgate 5 1/4" component system in my doors, they were pretty deep, but could fit flush against the door panel. I cut some 8" plexiglass circles, and painted them with duplicolor truck bedliner to match my bumpers, and used the cut outs from those to mount the tweeters in the upper door. My 6x9s are mounted in the tailgate (they rattle the panel and license plate pretty good. I just bought a bandpass box for my RF 12" at bestbuy ($100) and put it in.

look at the pictures pointed to in my post above. Did you do something like that? In order to get a sub mounted along the side of the cargo area i had to essentially build a box. If i stay with this approach though i've got to do something to get rid of the rattles.

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