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Jun 10, 2022
An informal registry for FJ60’s, BJ60’s, and HJ60’s of all types – yes. 61’s and 62’s included… This will be a sticky thread.

Rules of order – ONLY ONE post per vehicle – no comments on the thread or you will have me editing – which resembles work, to which I am averse.

What I would like you all to post… and please keep it brief, OK?

1. Year and model of vehicle
2. Name of owner
3. Name of vehicle (optional)
4. Mileage on the truck odometer
5. Modifications, if any
6. How you use the truck
7. A single photo
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1987 Fj60

Year/Model 1987 FJ60
Owner: Mike S
Mileage: 167,000
Mods: OME medium suspension, anti-inversion shackles, full floating rear axle, H55F 5-speed, Roof tent, Goodyear MTRs, dual Optima batteries… a long list.
Fishing, bird hunting, camping and long distance travelling

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1990 Fj62

Owner: LifeIsGood
Mileage: 189,000
Mods: ARB bumper, Roofrack, IPF lights, FZJ80 wheels
Use: There and back from all adventures
(photo to come)
84 fj60

mods:SOA,35's,high flow exhaust,4.88's{soon} custom sliders and bumpers,k&n, headers to come soon,rancho 9000's in the front,5000's in the back.....miles 150, jim of vehicle?HMMMMM i think its more of a phrase...I AM SLOWER TRAFFIC :D this is a daily driver and my main off road rig. thanx mike
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1. FJ60 1982
2. Joel Brown
3. Stink Pickle
4. 110,000 mile now 134K
5.SOA 456's, lockrights, ARB bull bar and side bars 12K warn, Roof rack LOTS-O-LIGHTS, 5.3 Vortec, custom rear bumper
6. I wheel her like Cruiser were ment to be used

I have updated the pics and info on my 60 ovfr the years and thought a play by play in pics would be nice ... if not let me know and I'll remove some


first pic I posted


mid point 2 in BDS 1 1/2 shackle lift 33


OME heavy 33


now how she sets SOA 35


2018 update new rack lights and RTT
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1986 FJ60
Owner/Mechanic: Rob Brill
Truck name: The Sixty
Mileage: 203,600
Mods: Thule/custom roof rack and bike carrier, Hella 500s
Use: DD, camping, hauling stuff

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Mike S said:
Be the first to register your truck
Hmm... how can I be the first if you already did it??

1. Year and model of vehicle
1985 FJ60
2. Name of owner
Brian Rawding
[3. Name of vehicle (optional)
? crash ?
4. Mileage on the truck odometer
about 195K
5. Modifications, if any
RAV4 imprint in front of rig (really quite cool : ), I think more people should try it)
6. How you use the truck
Err... I drive it on the occasion untill its repaired
7. A single photo – not very big, to save disk space
(its actually on my site, but please let me know if you want it smaller anyway)

(A current pic - the Bilstein shocks that just arrived.)

I'M TIRED OF SEEING DESCRIPTIONS WITHOUT PICTURES AND PICTURES I CAN'T GET A GOOD LOOK AT, AND I'D LIKE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If you have a picture and you want it Linked/Viewable under your description email me with the picture.
If its already small than just post it, but if you want it the same size as above (800x600) then send it to me @, I'll size it and I'll email you back the link you need to put into your description. I've already gotten the blessing of Mike S (who I might add still doesn't have a picture [strike]CORRECTION, HE HAS A PICTURE NOW[/strike] : ) Uhoh, Your pics gone again Mike.

After all how can I steel your ideas if I can't get a good look at them ; )
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'83 ish BJ60
Kirk D
"Clifford " aka "Poly-filla" or "P.O.S!" depending on what's broken.
400000+ kms
SUA 2.5" Belton, 35's, 4.88's, locked, OBA, turbo, 2.5" straight pipe, rear discs, custom sliders and bumpers, 8274, and lots of other crap...
used and abused in every way possible and DD

R.I.P. clifford, may your parts live on across north america... (moment of silence please)

one of the better cruisers i have ever had. good times, good times.:beer:
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1.82 Fj60
2. Al
3. Velveeta wag ;)
4. 182k
5. Buggy
6. DD and trail rig :bounce:
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1. 1986 HJ60
2. Rab Rawlins
3. Skoki
4. 360,000 kms
5. Factory Warn winch, 31 in. Revo Dueler tires, mags, CB w/ SSB
6. Rocky mountain transportation, I commute 120 m. one way through the mountains.
7. The only Landcruiser to ever drive on Lake Louise (I'm winching out a sunk snowmobile)

4. 500,000 kms
5. 12H-T
6. 1000 km's + a week toodling through the foothills of the Canadian Rockies
8. 2" OME Lift
9. Drawtite Class II Hitch
10. Rebuilt front knuckles, TRE's
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1. 1984 fj60
2. beaufort fj60
3. dookie brown
4. 250,000
5. took stuff off have not added anything
6. turn key, press gas, change gears
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1. Year and model of vehicle - 1988 FJ62
2. Name of owner - Accasbel/Leland O'Brien
3. Name of vehicle (optional)
4. Mileage on the truck odometer - 133,600
5. Modifications, if any - OME 4" lift; 35" MT/Rs; 4.87 gears; F&R ARB lockers; ARB front, Kaymar rear bumpers; Warn winch; Hannibal roof rack; snorkel.
6. How you use the truck - Weekend and vacation wheeler.
7. A single photo - Pic was taken before Snorkel install.
1. 1987 FJ60, Freeborn Red
2. Andy and Jeannett Gibson
3. Marshall
4. 202,620 miles
5. Jacobs Ignition, Electric Fuel Pump, Additional Electric Fan, Some other small things, see signature
6. Third Vehicle for wheeling and joy riding on a nice day, or to haul the mountain bikes
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1. 1988 HJ61 VX
2. Brad T.
3. Marmaduke
4. 1002240KM
5. Powershot PI, 3" exaust, extreme valve body, Tru Cool trans cooler with Transynd ATF, 5.29s, SOA on stock springs, 1" extended greasable shackles, poly bushings, flipped front springs, 2" body lift, poly body mounts, 30 spline longfields, ARP studs, 4 runner calipers, 80 series MC, custom bumpers and sliders, Yakima racks, IFS hubs up front 1.5" spacers in rear, cibie head lights, Cobra CB, 4x4 labs hi-steer, pryro, boost, oil temp, brown bread, bilsteins, ARB snorkel, 2 kirklands and a blue top, 24V-12V solar converter, 1000W inverter, 325/85R16 Michelin XMLs, cable lockers, PTO winch, custom drawers and a bed in back...
6. DD/wheeler
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1984 FJ-60

202,000 miles

Bought 3 years ago to keep miles off my 80 series, now daily driver and occasional desert explorer

ARB front bumper, 4.11 gears from 1978 FJ40, 33" BFG MTs

H55f 5 speed tranny wth '87 transfercase (2.27 gears + 38mm idler)

SUA on OME suspension
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1. 1985 FJ-60
2. mbb
3. the Land Cruiser
4. 200,000 miles as of May 2007
5. OME suspension + 4.56 ring gears + ARB lockers + H55F (mudrak improved!), longfields, 33x12.5x15 tires on 15x8 rims with 3.5 backspace, OEM aussie mirrors, australian-option inclinometer, power antenna, 4x4 labs sliders, FJ-60 rear bumper - a set on Flickr, halogen headlights, tuffy console, milford cargo barrier, home-made front bumper, Warn 9.5ti winch, african outback roof rack, WagonGear storage panels
6. multi-purpose vehicle
7. photo below.
front bumper fab 11 small a.jpg
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1. 1990 FJ62
2. Bobby G.
3. The Cruizer
4. 130,300 mi
5. SOA, 4.88s, 27-spline chromo Longfields, PIG 4340 inners, Marlin high-steer, ARBs front/rear, ARB bullbar, custom sliders, 37x12.50 MTRs on 15x8" 2.5" bs, Warn XD9000, Rockstomper synthetic line, custom Aluminum fairlead, Powertank, Linex, B&M tranny cooler
6. DD/wheeler
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