4x4Labs Group Buy, Let's spends those Tax Returns!

May 24, 2013
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Hey guys,
*This Group Buy is Closed and Orders are Shipping out*

The Group Buy is now open! Proceed to the 4X4LABS website and use the code 'mud2017' at checkout and the 10% discount will be applied to your entire order. The code is only good until the 28th so make sure you get your orders in ASAP!

I email Luke about getting a group buy together and he said if we can get at least 10 people interested (I am sure we can at least do that) then he is more then happy to do one. The discount will be 10% off list price for kits and assembled units. Let's blow some of those tax returns and get our trucks ready for the spring!:steer:

If you are not familiar with 4x4Labs products here is their website. They are fairly well known on the mud forums, especially for their 80 series rear bumpers.


If you are interested please leave a post here so I can get your name on the list and if we get enough people I will contact Luke again and see if we can get the ball rolling.

Luke says that he has most kits in stock and lead time for built units is about 6 weeks. Assembled units are usually built to order but it is completely worth the wait!

The List

1. dude47
2. Carcass
3. Noahrob
4. tampacruiser95
5. Squatchy Adventures
6. reznunt
7. ginerivLC
8. zmcnelis
9. ArkhamZ
10. mucho45
11. SLO Nomad
12. Ritlax49
13. Danceswithmutts
14. jkny
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Oct 13, 2014
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I am very close to an order. Can we pick up at the shop to keep shipping cost down? Or is there anyone on the central coast making an order?

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