4runner caliper questions????

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Oct 5, 2006
Murfreesboro Tenn.
So I did my knuckles today a figured out that my calipers were shot so I am going to get the 4runner ones.

My question is what brake lines do you use from axle to caliper?
I used braided stainless steel lines from somewhere but I think the rubber ones will just fine.

I had to trim the back plate to fit them but otherwise had no problem getting them on. I also changed my master cylinder to the 1" one from the 80 series. You loose the low fluid sensor but it is a good trade.

Hey, I grew up in Midland, I bet your snorkel is for fording Rio Wadley.

The stock ones will work fine, but if you want to bypass the junction and hard line, and use a soft line directly to the caliper, you can get some longer ones from NAPA ... Can't find, at the moment, but there's a faq or thread around here somewhere with part #s ...

I'm doing a 4R caliper install this weekend, too, with backing plate eliminator ... I got a set of SS lines to go directly to the caliper. Got them from Mark at marksoffroad.net
Thanks guys for the reply's. Somewhere I remember reading that the frame to axle lines from old toyota pickups would work but I have no idea where I read that. I would like to get rid of the hard lines because they are a pain to work on.

Vette60- thanks man

Dunbar- Yeah driving down the center with my mom in the truck was fun, she was freaking out.
Thanks guys for the help. I got them put on today. It does make the brake pedal a little long which could take some getting use to. I will get the T100 master cylinder with the next paycheck.

For future reference the stock hard lines that go from the axle to the caliper fit great. They actually fit better with the 4runner calipers then the cruiser calipers.

Thanks again.

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