3FE PS Idler Pulley Bolt Part# ??

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Apr 11, 2018
Portland, OR
Anyone have a PN or know of a suitable replacement for the bolt that goes through the bearing plate and bearing on the power steering idler pulley? I was replacing my belts the other day and had a hell of a time loosening that bolt due to how rounded off the head is. My 14mm socket kept popping off and I just about lost my cool after the 12th time hitting my knuckles on the fan shroud. Now its gnawing at my OCD and must be replaced...This is the pulley that has a bolt going through the face of it, not the AC idler which has a nut on the outboard side to retain it.
Which one?

That idler pulley was originally sold as an assembly with the bracket. Of course it’s not available anymore.

Best bet is to remove that bolt, determine its threads, and get a new bolt that will work (bolt depot, McMaster Carr, Fastenal, your local hardware store)
I was afraid of that. I saw somewhere in the depths of the forum that the assembly was no longer available. The bolt looks like a hex head shoulder bolt of some sort, a shaft under the head that matches the ID of the pulley bearing and then steps down to the m-whatever thread pitch. I was just hoping that another savvy cruiser junky might chime in with a "this dorman part number gets the job done" or "this Toyota super special fastener from this year hilux" etc etc.

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