3B running on Gas! Did my wife do any damage?

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Feb 10, 2006
Norfolk County, ON
My wife filled up the BJ60 this morning with about 50 L of Gas! She drove for about 35km before it started running bad.... By that time she was on her way home and stopped at the same gas station she filled up at... That was when she realized her mistake.... The full serve station had yellow handles on the regular pumps and she pulled up to the wrong one and said 'fill er up'...

So she calls upset she has ruined my cruiser.... I had it towed home and drained the tank.... I refilled it with 20L diesel from my jerry can... Primed it up until clean diesel came out and then tried it ... It ran rough for a minute and then smoothed out (relatively speaking;)) Should I be checking for any other wear/damage? I will watch oil use... I have it scheduled for a compression test tomorrow coincidentally anyway.....406K on it....It didn't burn any oil before...

Does anybody know if I could have done any damage after a 35 km cruise on a gas/diesel mix? I road tested it tonight and everything seems pretty good...

could have hurt it, depends on how much diesel was left in the tank. from what ive heard a little bit of gas will clean it out, a lot of gas will burn it out. i suppose youll find out tommorrow. diesel acts like a lubricant in your motor, so gas would effect the rings and seals i believe. the compression test tommorrow should tell.

i filled up both tanks on my ford diesel with gas before, didnt notice till i saw how expensive it was at the pump. no fun at all.
Gidday Eric

It is always a risk when owning a diesel.

Mine has had petrol put in it twice in the 27 years I've owned it.

(And one of those occasions was TOTALLY my fault - I was very tired that day and had other things on my mind!)

I doubt there was any damage done to your vehicle. (I never noticed any ill effects after each of my two episodes anyway.)

Over here a trucking firm tried suing a fuel supplier who put petrol in their diesel tanks. The case failed in court because no damage could be proven to have occurred.

Chances are all is OK. It really depends on how hard she tried to make it go. Did she quit once it started running rough or did she keep pushing it until she made it home or to the gas station or whatever?
I have seen this happen about 20+ times, however not with a toyota diesel. These guys go out and buy a big 3/4 or 1 ton truck they dont really need and end up puting gas in the tank because they are not used to buying diesel. My mechanic said he only recalls one instance when damage occured to the engine in a Cummins powered 3500 dually. Customer of ours let his son borrow the truck for the weekend to impress a date, topped off with gas and drove from Friday till Sunday night, major engine damage. All other cases no damage other than the labor bill to drop tank and drain. Good luck let us know.

The other day I was reading through my old owners manual, I have an 86 2h auto. Near the begining of the manual, along with the fueling info it says not to fill up with Gasoline because it "may cause damage". My money is on shes fine.

That big old cummins had no hope. The owners didn't know and drove way to long. And while I'm on my soap box I think really poor diesel driven hard will be way worse than a wife driving until she noticed roughness. He did say that his wife pulled over.

Good luck and use kleen flo diesel lube. Grant.
Ive never seen one or heard of a diesel being damaged by gas. As soon as the gas enters the combustion chamber they run bad and stall.
Diesels can handle 4x the compression of a gasser ,so they are built tough.

After all the amount entering the combustion chamber was probably only a teaspoon or so before it stopped
Same thing happened to us. It ran rough and then my wife stopped it she couldn't start it. Once we figured out what happened I drained the fuel tank , put a new fuel filter in, filled it up and added conditioner and fired it up letting it idle for a while. That was two years ago and we've never had a problem. It quit when the gas got to it so I don't think you damaged anything.
Had something similar happen to my 60 a while back, after a tank drain, a purge and a top off, no problems...
More trouble the other way around - diesel in a gas engine - than gas in a diesel.

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