3" Lift Driveline Vibrations? Replacing Front Tcase Output Bearing while in vehicle?

Oct 23, 2018
I am experiencing front driveline vibrations.
Has anyone replaced the transfer case front output bearing while the tcase was in the truck?
I'm experiencing driveline vibrations after installing a DC driveshaft.
I can wiggle the front propeller shaft and there appears to be about 1/8" vertical play at the front tcase output flange.
I have the PIA 3-3.5" lift dilemma (3" heavy duty dobinsons).
I have the appropriate landtank caster plates, all new bushings, driveshafts, Double Cardan CV, rebuilt front axle, wheel bearings, 555 TRE's, steering box, stabilizer...pretty much all maintenance items have been addressed.
My driveshaft guy has rebalanced the driveshafts twice on high sensitivity and they are in spec.

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