2nd Gen 4runner w/ FJ Cruiser wheels

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Aug 5, 2007
New Hampshire
Finished some mods on the FJC and put the factory wheels and 32" tires on the 4runner. Additionally, this 4runner has rear Old Man Emu springs/shocks. Just a quick shot for those without imagination.
They are 17x7.5 wheels with 4.5" backspacing.
Looks great!

Mine stock would handle and feel just like a Beamer, I know that is gonna corner sweat!
Very nice.
Did it make the trackwdth any narrower by cahcne?

Not sure how to answer that. I didn't take any measurements, but the FJC wheel combo still fits under the fenders. Many FJC owners upgrade their wheels/tires and you can find the OEMs on Ebay or Craigslist. The sticker price for these wheels was $580 and I just thought it would be a good way to update the 4runner. The original 4runner alloys are disgusting due to winter/salt corrosion. I will post some more pics tomorrow,
A lot of dealers have them sitting in the back of the parts depts, they are "take-offs" from new trucks, they put on 20" dubs or those poser beadlocks to dress up the FJ, makes em fly off the lot. The dealer I go to for parts always has a set sitting behind the counter for sale.
I have a set paid for, waiting shipment and I found a set of cheap used Jeep Rubicon takeoffs that are tall and narrow. So I am thinking of running them on my '89 Gen 2 (same as your 4 Runner) pickup... My only worry was that it made the truck track width narrower than it is stock, but looking at it with the 4.5 backspacing it should actually be OK I think... :)

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