2H / 12H Starter- Which Side

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Mar 28, 2017
Southern Ontario
Just a quick thread as I need to double check something before I order in a transmission. Tried looking for pictures throughout the 60 series but couldn't find ones that go up to take a good enough picture to aptly ID the starter location.

Which side is the starter on with the 2H / 12H FJ60 when using the A440F (automatic 4 speed) transmission? I'm looking at an engine swap and need to make sure the starter can go on the passenger side (of the North American model) of a LHD FJ60 prior to sourcing an A440F.
Starter is on the right side (passenger North American) of the 2H.
Starter is on the right side (passenger North American) of the 2H.
Thanks Freewheel.

Would you happen to have a picture of the starter attached to the motor on your 60? Would the 24V or 5speed manual affect said placement or does it literally not matter?
The mounting is always the same, no matter what.

Here is one not so good pic, 24V, 12H-T and H55F.

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