2F Vacuum Lines?

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Sep 23, 2003
Simple question, I think....

What are the correctly sized vacuum lines needed to replace all lines on the 2F motor?

I have an 84 FJ60. I have had so many vacuum lines replaced, that I don't know what is original and whether or not the current sizing is creating problems.....like to much air volume or collapsing lines.

I appreciate your help.

Burlington, VT
its either 3mm or 3.5mm I kinda forget which. Can get it from Toyota for $10 a meter. I have heard VW vacume line is the same inside diameter, never tried it.
[quote author=pismojim link=board=1;threadid=8894;start=msg77209#msg77209 date=1071724257]
...40 feet![/quote]

:eek: Bwahahaha :D
Ok so I need something less than 40 ft of 3mm line for most of it.....BUT What about the thicker line running from the air cleaner to the distributer?

No s***, I have gone to the dealer and asked two different parts guys that I trust. They scoured their little computers and couldn't find the answer. They sent me to the jobbers in town, but they only sell the standard stuff off the shelf.

Honestly, I thought this was an easy one.
[quote author=vtcruiser60 link=board=1;threadid=8894;start=msg77333#msg77333 date=1071766749]
What about the thicker line running from the air cleaner to the distributer?[/quote]I was able to use the same (smaller) hose for this. It's a litle tight but works fine.
Thanks fellas. I always forget to check SOR for this stuff too. Much appreciated. -KMK

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