2F production dates

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The driver side of the engine block, toward the rear has the production date cast on it.

Pics show the date code on a typical 2F block.
Format is Y MM DD
7 01 15 = 1977 or 87, January 15th
Thanks for the reply. I found the date on the block. it is a 2f engine and it starts with a 1 so I am assuming that means 1981 it looks like they had moved to the 3f by 1991 is that true?
The paint is "Rustoleum hammered black metallic". It was used on this particular block to help camouflage the welded & bondo-ed hole where the rod tried to escape.

No, it did not go in a customer vehicle. It's in my junkyard dog truck.
What would be the correct color scheme to use for my 2F engine rebuild to replicate the way they came from the factory? I'm already aware of the "Big Gay 2F" scheme, very eye catching but not factory.
I know this is an old thread however does the same apply to an "F" engine regarding the production date. If so how do you work out this number.
Engine Build Date.JPG
Or is this one my engine build date meaning it is 1971 June 9th. Both these are stamped on the one side of the block.
What is the 11411 number then.
Thanks Johnny for the info at least I have a bit better time from for the build of my 40.
Block part number is 11411-60030.
Block date is 1 06 09.

The 60030 tells us it is a later F engine (60010 is first version of F, 61010 is first 2F).
Date is year ending in 1, month 06=June, day=9th.
Year is after 1960's, but before 1981, so 1971 June 9th.

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