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Jul 30, 2003
Hi, I'm interested in knowing if anyone has
had any good/bad experiences with either
-MAF 2 peice ceramic headers
-Downey smog legal Tri-Y headers
-TPI Tri-Y headers

I have the TPI Tri-Y, not the smog legal one, the fit is good, fairly cheap, if I did it all again I would go ceramic coated. It can easily connected/routed into a stock exhaust, I think the parts are available from who evere you buy the header from. The end of the header, just before the flange, is VERY close to the top of the shackle (my cruiser has a shackle reversal); I recommend filing the top of the shackle a little, if needed.
Thanks Gus,
The TPI one was my fav. so far because it's cheaper and
I've had very good experience with TPI in the past. If I have stock
non-reversed shackle, would you still recommend filing it down?
Did you have to do any welding? Thanks
i have one of downey's(made by jardin), it's a non smog. it's my second one. the first one went almost 8yrs, would have gone longer. but i had some fuel delivery problems resulting in a lean condition(read:header glowing red!!) + a strong :doh: factor.
Bummer, still 8 years is pretty good sounding. Was it a good fit?
I have the SOR unit, which I think is the same as TPI. Been on the 40 since '89, two different engines and still going.

I am running a MAF SR, and yes, the pipes are close to the shackle, but it still works fine. My pipe has a dent in it from flexing all these years off road..There was not a clearance issue with the suspension in a factory configuration.
[quote author=Mainer7 link=board=1;threadid=6704;start=msg55089#msg55089 date=1067033335]
Bummer, still 8 years is pretty good sounding. Was it a good fit?

yeah it fits real good. the flange is the same thickness as the intake, so no need to grind washers. the gasket that came with it is rather cheesy, but i thinks that's the case with most headrs. so i used a toyota gasket problem fixed. and the header it's self only hangs down about the middle of teh frame rail, so it's nowhere near the suspension.

i know it's a crappy pic
I have just installed the Man-A-Fre two piece ceramic coated on my FJ60. Had to work around two issues to get them in place (well, my master LC mechanic did!) that included half washers to even out the difference in thickness where the intake manifold and header bolt down, a cut and weld on the header to get it away from the power steering tube and a couple of gaskets to stop the leaks...

I'll have to report later on the final results.
The TPI are the best for the money. Buy the non chrome and have them ceramic coated. Worth every nickle!
Just a thought and some may disagree, but I always use two gaskets and have never had a leak. Cheap insurance, also you may want to have the intake and header milled together at a machine shop to ensure fit.
I recently did the MAF ceramic headers on my '87 FJ60, my only gripe was the boltes/washers to connect to the y-pipe were the wrong size and I had to run to the hardware store to get replacements. My install didn't require cutting/wedling.

Thanks for everyone's input....I bought the non-chrome tri-y headers from TPI.
What kind of place does ceramic coating? What does it usually cost?
Thanks again
JetHot Coatings. BUT they charge more to remove chrome before coating with ceramic. Cost?....about 2-300, plus shipping.
Search Jet Hot they'll give you a free quote and recommend the right coating for your application.
I will check that out. I got the black headers.
BTW, what does "FWIW" mean?
For What It's Worth FWIW
If I Recall Correctly IIRC
In My Humble Opinion IMHO
They sent me a nice brochure and video along with my quote, which I think was $200 + shipping both ways. Considering the labor involved, I'm seriously considering it. Really keeps the heat under the hood down. They coat the inside too, supposed to really improve the flow.
Ed :)
Thanks Ed
Sounds good, wish I were rich :p

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