2F Engine Rebuild Parts Cost

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Dec 29, 2002
Walnut Creek, CA
I am getting prices on my parts to rebuild my 2F and the quote for the parts was huge. Anyone that has rebuilt their 2F, including new oversized pistons, have a rough idea of what it cost? I expected the cost of parts to be around 800-1000.

I wanted to stick with my 2F but I may have found out why many people witch to the 350.
I have heard of people getting rebuild kits for the 2f used in the toyota forklifts. Supposededly they are cheaper. Have no idea where to get one, or if you could get oversized pistons that way.
The last paclift kit I bought was about $550, but does not include cam and lifters. Machine work was about $250, and included milling .080 off the ehad for more compression. Shim the oil pump relief spring 2mm for more pressure, and cross drill the banjo bolt at the outlet for more flow. Mark Whatley's 250 duration cam works awesome, manafre sells reground lifters cheap if you can't get that doen local. Ping me for paclift/whatley contact info if you care to...I spent about $1200 on the last motor I did for everything including cam and lifters from MW...
for that kind of money you can do a 350 swap if you do it yourself . ::)350 sm465 for about 1000 bucks

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