2F carb or ignition problems? Advice on where to start looking? (1 Viewer)

Dec 19, 2019
Rainy day here today so I had a look at the idle solenoid and changed out the o-ring. Looked pretty good so I kept the old one.
I got curious and decided to have a look in my distributor at the mechanical advance. Looked simple enough in the exploded view I found on here. I was just goin in to give it a good clean and put a bit of grease where it needed it.
Took me a good 3 hours to set myself up a good spot on the bench and get it disassembled, cleaned up and back in and running.
I’d done the check of twisting the rotor button and seeing how quick it came back from advanced to the normal position again. That checked out ok but it looked a bit dirty in there. Glad I opened it up to have a good look. All the grease had dried up in there and things weren’t really moving like they should. One of the bushes in the mechanical advance counterweight was quite worn and not letting it return all the way home. It was letting it fall down/lay over a bit and catch. I got away with punching the Bush out and putting it in the other way. I punched it through a bit more so it couldn’t catch for the time been. Once I got it assembled and back in I took it for a drive and it’s quite a big difference in throttle response and the revs climb much quicker in 2nd and 3rd gear. I think it was working but everything was just a bit slower to move due to been sticky.
Worth a look in there if you think it’s never been touched. Non USA vac advance distributor was quite simple.

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