22r using coolant

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Jan 31, 2011
Loomis, California
Hey guys so my 84 22r is sucking down coolant. I fill the overflow up about once every two weeks. I had my head off back in July and had it gone through. I used a tad bit of coolant before but figured it was the head. Now that the head is good I'm starting to think its the block (never had it touched). I figured since the block is cast that it was fine. But now I'm not so sure. Anyways I'm hoping I could get some good imput. My truck runs great just puffs out white smoke in the morning and that's it.

Next question..... Can I bolt up a 84 22r head to a 22re block????? And can I bolt up an efi intake to 84 22r head????
As far as I know yes you can bolt up all the efi stuff. I was actually going to do an efi swap o to my '84. If you want to read more about it look up 22r to 22re swap. FAQ on pirate. I don't know about the blocks working. And maybe your head gasket went out again?
Don't assume the worst just because you are loosing coolant. Check your hoses. Also check the over-flow bottle since it could be cracked.
Do a leakdown test, and a pressure test on the cooling system.
Had a pressure check done on the cooling system. Solid. All hoses are good. When you say leak down, are you referring to the cylinders for compression? What should I look for as far as numbers go?

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