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Nov 28, 2009
Boca Raton, Florida
Good evening gents. I sold my Ford F-350 and I’m looking at getting back into a 4Runner. I live in SE Florida and tow a 20’ flats boat. I do plan on at some going up north and doing some mild off-roading (may also tow my FJ40). I’m looking at the new Trail Edition, TRD Off-road w/ the XP package, or the Venture Edition. What would you guys go with and what options are worth while? Is KDDS worth it for my scenario? Appreciate any insight.

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Feb 17, 2015
Hell (Norcal)
Ok. Is KDDS worth the extra change? I think it’s a couple thousand dollar option?
I think by itself it’s like $1600.

It makes it handle somewhat better on road. It also sort of acts like a swaybar disconnect off road.

Unless you plan on lifting it more than 3 inches, it’s a pretty good compromise.

I have it on my land cruiser and my 2013 TE.
Oct 2, 2018
B'ham, AL
I live in AL and see the XP package crap all over the place. It's pretty basic around here. You can get an SR5 or TRD-OR with the XP package and it's essentially TRD Pro black wheels, some stock size Nitto Ridge Grapplers or KO2's, blacked out badging and maybe some nfab step bars. It's pretty faux off-road looking. Don't get me started on the XSP package LOL.

If all you're doing is mild off-road trails and having lived in Ft. Lauderdale for 3 years I can say you're probably not gonna need a locker. If a mild build and mild trails are all you're looking for than the SR5 or Trail package is good enough. Keep in mind the Trail package is based off the SR5 so you will not get a rear locker or KDSS. I don't hate the Trail package though but I'd only get it if you got the special color, Army Green or Cement. If you're going to get the TRD-OR then I'd stick with just the the regular or premium trim from factory, do not get the XP, XSP, or Venture edition. Wasted money IMO. Find a dealer that only sells factory trims/options and not port added or dealer added options. Whatever the factory sticker says is what you get, no dealer added markup BS. Port and dealer added options are very common with Southeast Toyota so you may have to try and expand your search to find one that doesn't do that stuff.


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Jul 7, 2008
Hudson Valley, NY
I'm not sold on KDSS...and I drive 22k a year. I would do right out of the gate:

Airlift bags
Rear drawers
good brake controller
Replace battery with large AGM
Load E tires

Dont go for any upgrades...the price thy cost you could easily buy and do yourself

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