2018 Season passes

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Feb 27, 2006
Winston-Salem, NC
Ladies and Gentlemen.....they have arrived....

Can they be moved from vehicle to vehicle? Trying to decide if I need one or two.
If you get them early enough you can get the plasic sleeve with it. I put mine on the inside of the window and just slide in the new sticker when I get them. I got another one this year and you are welcome too it. I don't know the specific rules but they do not ask for vehicle info when you get the permits.

Here is the exact verbage:

OHV Trail Passes

OHV trail passes for the Badin Lake OHV Trail Complex on the Uwharrie National Forest will be sold at the following local stores. These trails are open from April 1st to December 15th annually.

  • C&L Outfitters, Hwy 109, Troy
  • Eldorado Outpost, Hwy 109, Eldorado
  • Swift Island BP, Hwy 24/27 and River Rd.
  • Uwharrie Sportsman, Hwy 24/27 and River Rd.
Cost of the Daily Pass is $5

Cost of the Season/Annual Pass is $30

Passes also available at the:
Uwharrie National Forest District Office
789 Hwy 24/27 East
Troy, NC 27371

Season Passes must be displayed on left rear fender for ATVs and dirt bikes, lower left corner of windshield for 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Daily Passes must be securely attached to handlebars for ATVs and dirt bikes, or prominently displayed for 4-wheel drive vehicles.


National Forest in North Carolina
Uwharrie National Forest

Now with that said it doesn't specifically say it is permanent. I've never had it questioned in all the time I've had it like that including many conversations with the LEO out there. So don't take my word as the rule. lol
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Will they mail me one? I would like to order one.
You can call the district ranger office in Troy and they might. Otherwise just swing by the Outpost and grab you one next time you're down.
New to Fayetteville, NC. The wife has a 200 series and I'm in a T4R. Anyone able to point me in the right direction for a GPS file(s) of a route or routes that are worth exploring in this area?

Boom, we got our annual pass this weekend. Had a blast exploring this area for the first time, was even better taking the wife and my boys along for the journey. Some really nice shops in the some of the towns we passed through coming in from Spring Lake.

Here are a few pics from Friday, was a bit muddy but there were plenty of people there to help in the even we got stuck


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