2008 LC in CA

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Very unlikely you’ll see another in that color , I like it. I’ve never seen a blue one in person. Fair price and good mileage I’d say snatch it up before someone else does. If I isn’t already have a 08 I’d go for it
Looks like it's in VERY nice condition.
Interior looks almost new.
I like it. Looks good. History?

Carfax shows it’s been in CA since new. No accidents reported, 1 owner, but not many service records.
Toyota Owners shows a few oil changes (not as consistent as I’d like), brake jobs, cooling system flush, and a shock replacement. There was one entry regarding WP replacement, but reads like owner refused. Kind of hard to decipher some of the notes.
Do you have to have a LC? Someone posted about a 09 LX with 80k miles in Louisville, KY that's the same price.

Would love to see a built 200 running around GSO!

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