For Sale 2008 Amazon Green Cruiser

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Vehicle Model
  1. 200 Series
Salt Lake City, Utah United States
Was able to get an allocation for an Army Green Tundra coming so...its time to post my girl.
2nd Owner. Texas truck. Its a 2008. Bought it at 94,000. Currently at 190,000. Was my wife's carpool and grocery getter for the last 6 1/2 years, and garaged that whole time. I moved my wife into a 570 as I had designs for the rig since driving it home from Austin.
Those plans included adding some after-market's as I fully intended of making this platform my hunting rig of choice-for upland and big game. I started with headlight replacements and Valve cover restoration, then replaced the stock suspension with an Old Man Emu 2" lift kit, followed by some Slee sliders. A few months later I added some new bronze Icon rims wrapped by new Falken AT3 tires, and had an ARB Outback Roller drawer installed in half the back and, just recently, put a 12,000 lb Ironman winch and bull bar on the front. I can show receipts of $11k, as you can imagine.
I had every intention of riding into the sunset with my dog in this rig. Then, honestly, my son took a real shine to dirt-biking, which I also enjoy. A truck is just what we need to swallow up our two KTM's. Couple that with missing other aspects of a truck specific to my hunting hobbies, and, well, that was that. Army Green is not Amazon Green but I figure its close enough.
Cruiser is in Salt Lake City. Would be very feasible to fly in and get down to Arches, Canyonlands and Moab, to name a few locations, on the way home.
Im in the Eight-0-One Area code followed by 455-9909.
Asking $37,000.

cruiser 6.jpeg

cruiser 5.jpeg

cruiser 2.jpg

cruiser 3.jpg
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Have any interior photos? You mentioned the drawers in the back. Still have the third row seats?
Nice rig! What dog crate are you running? Would two fit?
I need to get some interior shots. Currently with the one ARB drawer, I still have one seat in the other half of the rear. The seat I took out is in storage.
As far as dog kennels, I have an intermediate sized Ruffland and it fits fine. Two would not fit on the one ARB drawer where I keep it. But a second would fit with the one seat in the up position.
I'd be interested in coming to see it as well. Especially since it looks like you use point s in woodscross.
Back in town. Picked up my Tundra in Houston. Pride reduction of $2K. Asking price: $37,000

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