2003 Toyota Sequoia TRD Supercharged Limited for sale

Jul 20, 2017
New York City
2003 Toyota Sequoia TRD Supercharged Limited
VIN #5TDBT48A83S178650 with clear NYS title and 196k miles. It has 4.7 2uzfe engine and its 4wd.
I purchased this truck this summer for good price, and main reason for it was the fact that it has Dealer Installed TRD supercharger. Previous owner had recall and replaced frame at the dealership. Truck was purchased at Bill Dube Toyota in NH. Second owner brought it to NYC in 2013 I believe. Truck has its pros and cons.
Good Stuff:
  • TRD Supercharger (TRD ECU) puts out about 100hp over stock horses, according to some sources.
  • New Frame
  • Good leather Interior
  • 3rd row seats
  • New Denso O2 sensors
Not so good:
  • Rusted rear wheel arch on booth sides (see photos)
  • There was an impact to the front, hood is not matching color, headlights are new (Chinese made)
  • Aftermarket front bumper (not Painted)
  • Some dents on the Rear Latch door and passenger front side.
  • Rear windows doesn't work, regulators are fine, clips are missing that attaches glass to the window regulator scissors.
  • Tires need to be changed.
I did replace front brake pads, muffler, Toyota OEM Spark Plugs, OEM DENSO coil set.
I'm pretty honest about this sale and will attach as many photos as possible. The reason this truck for sale is that i need money to finish my other project ( bug out TLC FZJ 80)
I'm looking to get $5000 my email is Lidji08@gmail.com
Unfortunately i8mud allows only 5 photos so here is link to my Cloud Picture Storage https://baruchmailcuny-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/boris_burundaev_baruchmail_cuny_edu/EmStDr7wsIZHkxNayfXBjO4BlpmtKg2pWO5-pP6hWEUynw?e=O0yQi5





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