1. S

    SOLD MI - TRD Pro BBS Forged

    For sale - Tundra TRD Pro BBS Forged wheels 18x8. Please message me if interested.
  2. 100seriesThrGrt

    For Sale Denver: Tundra Wheels Tires Center Caps & Lug Nuts

    Asking $950 Selling complete set of P275/70R18 Michelin LTX A/TII and 18" Toyota Tundra Wheels with Center Caps and complete set of Lug Nuts. Bolt Pattern: 5x150 Known to fit Toyota Land Cruiser, Sequoia, Tundra, Lexus LX470, LX570 As you can see, there is still a lot of tread left on these...
  3. 100seriesThrGrt

    For Sale Denver: Wheels and Micheline LTX M/S2 Tires

    Asking: $900 Selling a complete set of wheels and tires. These wheels and tires are in exceptional conditions with A LOT of tread left. These where summer only wheels for only a couple seasons. There are no scratches or scuffs on any of the rims. All are in near perfect condition. Micheline...
  4. shiretowndown

    New Sequoia Owner, “Big Burgundy”

    Ok so I sold my ‘03 LX470 and now I’ve got an ‘08 Sequoia....and I am really liking it. She’s an SR5 with 161k on the clock and heated leather, rear entertainment and JBL Synth. Has the ReadyLift 3”F/2”R SST lift kit installed riding on BFG all-terrains. Couple of questions: (1) I really...
  5. jsharrell

    Parting Out Maryland -First gen 06 Tundra parts-Darrell Waltrip Special Edition

    I just bought a silver 2006 Toyota Tundra Double Cab 4wd Darrell Waltrip Edition and want to sell a bunch of stuff from it. All of this stuff is in amazing shape. PO took really good care of it. Selling: 18" TRD Darrell Waltrip Edition wheels with new 275/55/18 Kumho's ECSTA stx. $850...
  6. KidCanFish

    For Sale 5 OEM 2017 Land Cruiser Wheels 285/60/18

    2017 5 Toyota Land Cruiser 18” OEM Wheels + Tires - Vehicles - Sandy Springs, Georgia - Marketplace | Facebook 5 OEM Toyota Land Cruiser wheels. Taken off car at 5k miles. Came off a 2017 Land Cruiser. Wheels are flawless. Tires are 285/60/18. Local pick up only or will ship at your expense...
  7. mexellent

    Tandem Offroad 2nd Gen Sequoia Sliders

    Hello All! My name is Alex Moreno and I am one of the owners of Tandem Offroad. We are a small shop located in Haltom City, Texas. I had a customer with a Sequoia who SWORE you guys wanted sliders. I drew up some weld on ones for him and I figured since the design is already done I might as...
  8. B

    2003 Toyota Sequoia TRD Supercharged Limited for sale

    2003 Toyota Sequoia TRD Supercharged Limited VIN #5TDBT48A83S178650 with clear NYS title and 196k miles. It has 4.7 2uzfe engine and its 4wd. I purchased this truck this summer for good price, and main reason for it was the fact that it has Dealer Installed TRD supercharger. Previous owner had...
  9. Foreigner

    2002 Sequoia alarm

    I've got a 2002 Sequoia that a buddy found for me to use while I'm in the States for a few months. Just drove it today for the first time and keep running into problems with the alarm/theft-prevention system. Apparently, I can only lock the vehicle with the remote fob or it will go nuts. If I...
  10. geocruiser

    Need Toyota Friend in Houston - Take a look at a Sequoia that I'm buying

    I am in the process of buying at 2016 Sequoia from a Ford dealership in Conroe, Texas (about 1 hour north of Houston), and I was hoping that one of the knowledgeable folks on 'Mud is close enough to swing by and take a look at it for me this week. This will be my wife's daily driver/kid hauler...
  11. krice118

    eBay Super charged 4.7 Sequioa $5,500

    2003 Toyota Sequoia limited | eBay Would be a cheap way to get a 4.7 supercharger. Buy Sequioa remove charger and components Rebuild the charger Slap the superecharger onto a 100 and sell the sequoia
  12. Jason London

    For Sale 20" LX wheels/tires Dallas Denton Texas

    I have two sets I live in Denton, TX just north of Dallas and Fort Worth 1) with fairly new tires and 4 center caps ($400) One wheel has two chips and one other has one chip. No peeling or curb rash. Tires are around 80% tread remaining and two years old with 10k miles on them 2)...
  13. Bryanseye

    RTH - 07 Sequoia

    Got a call from :princess: that the Sequoia is dead. Dash lights come on, but no crank or attempt. I am a few hours away, so any common issues to know before getting there and do the basic electrical connection checks and jump start? If it needs a new battery, what size is everyone running...
  14. OmegaDude

    VSC TRAC - VSC OFF - Check Engine Light On - P0441 code

    This happened to me last week, and I thought I'd share... We have a 2007 Sequoia Limited, and my wife calls to tell me that the VSC TRAC, VSC OFF, and Check Engine Light came on all at once. It was an over 100 degree hot day, and she had been driving all over town running errands, shuttling...
  15. V

    Sequoia 150a alternator direct swap on 2003 LX

    I bought the plug, wires, and pin to convert my 03 LX470 to the 03+ Sequoia pin-out, but was surprised to find that the alternator hooked right up to my stock wiring. It makes sense that Toyota didnt make more than one 4.7 electrically in 2003, but I was pleasantly surprised that I didnt have...
  16. Bryanseye

    Sequoia rear latch replacement

    My rear latch broke sooner than expected after picking up the sequoia. It was one of the problems I read about in researching the vehicle so I didnt get too pissed. A few notes from the replacement. I used a metal replacement. The factory design has a seemingly needless complication of a...
  17. Steve Curl

    New (to us) Sequoia - 2008

    I'm normally only in the 80 forums, but this weekend we traded my wifes 2014 Impreza wagon for a 2008 Sequoia Platinum (2wd). She was wanting something quieter, more comfortable, and something that will tow and road trip really well when we want to lead more 'civilized' lives (the 80 will still...
  18. LS1FJ40

    RTH 2004 Sequoia Serpentine Belt Shredded

    Hey Guys, I'm active over on the 80 Series Land Cruiser side but I need some help. My brother is stranded on the side of the road outside Chicago. He's driving my old 2004 Sequoia. He lost all power and coasted to the side of the interstate. At first discussion I figured it must be an...
  19. Rainy Day FZJ

    For Sale 2008 Sequoia SR5 4.7l 4x4 Seattle area

    Toyota Sequoia, with the 4.7l v8. Automatic transmission, 4 wheel drive. Seats 8, 3rd row is electric flat folding. Can put 3 car seats across the middle row, rear DVD player. Tan leather with heated seats. Multi zone heat and A/C with rear heat and A/C. Back up camera in rear view mirror...
  20. harrydunn

    Sequoia Wheel Question

    Long-time member here but I'm in the 80-Series section. Kicking around a 2nd Gen Sequoia 5.7. Trying to figure out if the myriad of Tundra rims will fit right up to the 2nd Gen Sequoia without needing spacers so it doesn't look awkward, etc. Specifically, the Tundra rims below. Thanks. Mark.
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