1. nutstoyota

    Westchester/NY: 2012 Toyota Sequoia Platinum Supercharged

    I am selling my 2012 Toyota Sequoia Platinum. Ask price is $45k. Please dont contact me with ridiculous offers. You are not going to find a sequoia platinum with this mileage for less than this and you are getting a lot more than that -Perfect condition -36k miles -Second owner. both were adult...
  2. WashParkFJ

    97 Collector Edition TRD Supercharger Factory Triple Locked

    Happy Holidays, So my uncle wants to sell this rig to me. It has 175k miles. One owner, Colorado vehicle its entire life. Just looking for some feedback on price... Fellas at Slee say $18k max. I'm in no position to question their expertise but some of the rigs I've seen go on here, BaT & eBay...
  3. LS80Climb

    My LS2 Swapped Cruiser

    Hello everyone, I've been in the off-road game for a while now but mainly in lifted foresters. Last year I bought a sick manual 80 from Sydney with lots of goodies. Looking forward to hitting some harder tracks and lifting some wheels! I'm a 24year old gear head with a few turbo swaps under my...
  4. G

    SOLD  Rare TRD Supercharged 1997 FJ80 with only 136k miles!

    1997 FJ80 with TRD Supercharger for sale. 136k miles and over $30k in receipts. Complete refresh down to seals in 2011 at 100k miles. Over $5k in recent work including alternator, radiator, tires, battery, packed bearings, oil change and fluid flush. No lockers, this is a street cruiser! As...
  5. P

    SOLD  CA: Supercharged 2001 Toyota 4Runner 4WD Limited

    2001 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WD 229k miles Clean Title Asking $9500 with roof rack. $8800 without roof rack. Selling to get a bigger vehicle, headgaskets replaced and supercharger rebuilt less than 5000 miles ago (both done at a shop). Will only trade for a Triple Locked 1997 Land Cruiser ( I...
  6. MorganDS

    For Sale  Salt Lake City: 2003 Tacoma SR5 Supercharged

    My buddy Cliff is selling his beloved Tacoma for $6,900. Here is the link to the add and his description. I'm reluctantly selling my supercharged Tacoma that I love for two reasons: 1) I need a larger and more powerful truck for work, and 2) It needs...
  7. B

    2003 Toyota Sequoia TRD Supercharged Limited for sale

    2003 Toyota Sequoia TRD Supercharged Limited VIN #5TDBT48A83S178650 with clear NYS title and 196k miles. It has 4.7 2uzfe engine and its 4wd. I purchased this truck this summer for good price, and main reason for it was the fact that it has Dealer Installed TRD supercharger. Previous owner had...
  8. S

    For Sale  1997 LC - 210k mi, Locked, Supercharged - Denver

    Craiglist link: 1997 Toyota Landcruiser - 3x Locked and Supercharger Selling my 1997 LC for $21,500 obo. I am the second owner, picked it up in Palm Springs, CA with 130k mi on it. Have kept up with maintenance and oil changes. It still runs great (it's my DD), just looking for something...
  9. DayBowBow

    Supercharged 1985 Toyota Extended Cab

    So I have been on this forum for awhile as a spectator for awhile, then as a poster with questions for a bit. I have decided to make a post dedicated to my continual build of my truck into a DD / Trail Rig / Overland Rig. For right now I will simple post what I have and what my plans are and...
  10. SBFJ60FIG

    For Sale  TRD Blower Kit 5.7, 3UR-FE new in box - Chicago, IL

    Hey all - I've got a brand spankin' new TRD-branded supercharger and install kit for your 5.7 Tundra, priced at $6.5k - part #s are: PTR029-00140 & PTR29-34140 This is for a Tundra, 2014 and up (not flex fuel I'm told) - if you've questions "like will it fit ______" call Magnusson and they...
  11. C

    Question about Supercharger on LX450 For Sale

    Hello everyone, I'm new here! I don't have an 80 yet, but looking to possibly buy one soon. This is not quite a 100% tech topic and not quite a 100% buying/inspection topic... I'm considering buying a black (unlocked) '96 LX450 from a friend/co-worker, who seems to have taken great care of the...
  12. Ali M

    where can I order TRD supercharger for LX450?

    Do they still make these and could you share a link or point to a vendor here on the forum that sells them?
  13. Tommysosa

    For Sale  98 SR5 Supercharged 4Runner- Norcal

    1998 SR5 4x4 with 201k miles Lifted with Bilstein 5100's up front with heavy duty springs in rear and BFG mud terrains. ARB bull bar front bumper, hella lights, 9k lb winch with Viking synthetic line. New 2nd Gen TRD supercharger with only 20k miles on it installed by Toyota dealership. This...
  14. F

    For Sale  1996 Lexus LX-450 - Great Build / Daily Driver / Off-Road / Rock Crawler - Stone Ridge, NY

    SOLD - 07/28/2017 1996 Lexus LX-450 / Toyota Land Cruiser Excellent Condition 4 Door Wagon / Sport Utility Style: All Wheel Drive Mileage: 201,562 VIN: JT6HJ88J6T0143252 Fuel Economy: City 12/Hwy 14/Comb 13 MPG Max Seating: 7 Doors: 4 Engine: 6-Cyl, 4.5 Liter Supercharged Engine...
  15. F

    For Sale  1997 Lexus LX-450 - Extreme Build / Daily Diver / Expedition / Off-Road - Stone Ridge, NY

    -------- SOLD - 07/23/2017 -------- 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Excellent Condition 4 Door Wagon / Sport Utility Style: All Wheel Drive Mileage: 167,451 VIN: JT6HJ88J9V0182677 Fuel Economy: City 12/Hwy 14/Comb 13 MPG Max Seating: 7 Doors: 4 Engine: 6-Cyl, 4.5 Liter Supercharged...
  16. Rocketeer

    For Sale  San Jose, CA - 1996 LX450 Factory Lockers, Supercharged

    I've owned this for the past 13 Years. It started as a stock LX 450 fully loaded with factory lockers. I have found my next project and need to sell this to get it. Price: $19,000 If I don't sell before the other one does then I will keep this. I love this truck and the only reason I would sell...
  17. RFB

    SLEE offroad wiper resovoir relocation kit.

    So it turns out this very hi quality kit to move your wiper resovoir, works really well. Botls right in. nice. EXCEPT if you have a TRD supercharger, if you do then the MAF on the intake makes it impossible to fit it in. So Im wondering if anyone else has run into this, and is there a way to...
  18. nicholas

    For Sale  1997 LX450 supercharged WA state

    Sold....... :frown: I've finally decided to sell my 80 although I know I'm probably going to regret it. It has been my dream rig since Jr. High and I didn't think I'd ever sell it. I've spent a lot of time maintaining it but I've only had the time to take it on a few mild trails. Its a third...
  19. dare

    Supercharged 2H

    Calm down this thread isn't as exiting as you were hoping. :p Some time ago I dropped into a wrecker and was quite surprised when I opened the bonnet of an unassuming beige HJ60 and found a freaking supercharger strapped to the side of the 2H. I asked the wrecker what the story was and he...
  20. LandoCalruiser

    Dealer  Supercharged Locked 40th 169k miles

    Used 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 40th Anniversary Limited for Sale in Reno NV 89502 CarZone Just posted: Located in Reno NV. It says call for price, so breaks the rules for this forum but figured it was worth posting.
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