1. Beehanger

    Wanted  SoCal 1FZ/ or 4.7 2UZ or 3FE with stock trannys, parts

    Swapping my fj60 that has a tired 2F. Looking into builds options for these engines and wanting to purchase lower miles preferred and good running condition. Would purchase the right one right away. Dan
  2. OverlandKc

    SOLD  Kansas City: 2003 Toyota 4runner Sport Edition V8 4WD - 272K miles, Southern Vehicle.

    For sale is a 2003 Toyota 4runner Sport Edition, 4.7L V8, 4wd - asking $5500 OBO. It was a southern vehicle until 2019, and has been undercoated before each winter with fluid film, so the frame and body have remained clean. It has 271,5XXK miles currently and is increasing, as it is my daily...
  3. JoshuaZ

    R150f to 2UZ

    Hey yall, Im swapping a R150f into my v8 04 4runner. Reason im doing this is because i hydrolocked my engine, so i have to swap it out, and i was able to get a r150f from an 88 v6 pickup with 90k for pretty cheap with the tcase on it(already have an fj case, but they should both be chain driven)...
  4. F

    The Geneveive Project - R151f for HZJ79 Question

    Hey everyone, long time reader and first time post-er. Love the site and I have a project I think I could contribute with but I'll need some help first. I've been searching the internet avidly for the past few months trying to figure out the most efficient way to swap my 2UZ into my FJ60, and...
  5. Zjohnsonua

    Camo's build thread - 2F to 2UZ

    I'd seen this truck in the sale ads for a long time, but never could seem to get a hold of the owner. Heck, I'm sure several of us in the South have. Then a couple weeks ago I was making plans to pick a few pieces from a 470 at LKQ Nashville and things happened to line up. I'd just sold some...
  6. Nottajeep

    The IronPig UZJ-55

    As discussed, I am starting a thread so we can get this thing back out of the pig pen. Bought this truck in 2015 from Zack Penny based on word of mouth from Mike Blake. Truck was built and had some electric bugs to work out. As a matter of fact, it blew a fuse and died on my test drive at BP...
  7. Dustin Messina

    The Tale of Two Cruisers...

    Searching the internet one day looking at 100s and came across a slee’d out 100 in Vermont (I’m in Mississippi) All slee Front bumper, rear bumper, slide steps, full skids (front, middle, belly), lift, dif drop, warm m8000, weather techs mats, clean interior and a 2uz with a 150k miles on it...
  8. B

    2003 Toyota Sequoia TRD Supercharged Limited for sale

    2003 Toyota Sequoia TRD Supercharged Limited VIN #5TDBT48A83S178650 with clear NYS title and 196k miles. It has 4.7 2uzfe engine and its 4wd. I purchased this truck this summer for good price, and main reason for it was the fact that it has Dealer Installed TRD supercharger. Previous owner had...
  9. Burgey

    Will a 2UZ-FE fit into a 70 series (73 MWB) chassis?

    Good evening fellas, I'm planning an engine swap into a MWB 73, down here in Aus, and I'm leaning towards the 2UZ-FE. Hoping to pluck the engine, gearbox and wiring etc from a wreck (will have to travel a bit probably to pick one up), and just got some questions. I've been quoted between 5k and...
  10. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale  '00 Land Cruiser 2uz + trans/xfer + harness/Ecu

    2uz + auto/xfer + ecu/harness $2500 located in North Florida I have a good running 2000 land cruiser that is being parted out due to rust in the rear quarters. I'm selling the drivetrain complete as one unit with the computer and harness. Timing Belt was just done in January. Drivetrain is...
  11. Tank5

    SOLD  H151 to 2UZ Bellhousing

    I am selling a the 2 part bellhousing needed to mate a 2UZFE to a H151F. The bellhousing is new never run but I did bolt it to the engine and transmission to mock up the motor mounts. I changed the direction of my build so now it is for sale. It will be shipped in the original Toyota...
  12. woytovich

    Wanted  2UZ Engine side wiring harness plugs (full harness?)

    Looking for a full set of 2UZ engine wiring harness plugs... or maybe a full harness. mark
  13. woytovich

    Source for 2UZ Engine-side wiring harness plugs?

    I'm looking for all of the plugs that connect to a 2UZ engine. Is there a source for these? mark
  14. goranvolvo

    2UZ 4.7 what transmission will work to fj80 t-case

    i been looking all over but no good info can someone inform me for 2uz 4.7 v8 swap what year transmission will bolt to 1991 80 ser. t-case without adapter or is it possible at all
  15. S

    For Sale  US/CA TRD SuperCharger 4.7L for sale - refurbished with new MP90

    I bought this unit in early 2016 for my 2000 Land Cruiser, refurbished completely and thoroughly including new MP90 unit. Since then it has been sitting in it's packaging, waiting to be installed. But after much deliberation, I decided not to go through with the install. Will part with it for...
  16. Noel69

    Valve lash help

    I have a 2uz-fe engine which I have removed the right hand head. Unfortunately i didn't remove the lifters before turning it over and as a result all the lifters and shims fell out. i know how to do a valve lash but my question is. With all the lifters and shims out and no way of knowing which...
  17. Shickalee

    Wire Harness - Group Buy_FZJ80 Swap UZJ100 4.7L v8 powertrain

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