For Sale 2 pair of used original Toyota 80-series + 2 new OMU Nitrocharger shocks

Jan 8, 2016
Antwerp, Belgium
I'm selling:
- 1 pair of original Toyota HDJ80 shocks - front - used condition - 48511-60390 - 100 USD
- 1 pair of original Toyota HDJ80 shocks - rear - used condition - 48531-60430 - 100 USD
- 1 pair of new OMU Nitrocharger shocks - front - new condition - 250 USD

Condition of the used ones: I don't know. I got them as spare parts when I bought the car (1992 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80). They don't seem very warned, but I really don't know. The OME are new in the box - never used.
Prices negotiable if interested in whole lot.

Currently stored in Belgium, but can be shipped with DHL at the buyer's expense. If you'd like to make an estimation: 1 seat weighs 20 kg, and they would be sent from 1850 Grimbergen, Belgium.

I'm selling the seats because I sold my HDJ80 a couple of months ago (on this forum :) ).

I also have a full rear interior available here.
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