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  1. J

    Ironman 4x4 Foamcell Pro for Fj40

    Just want to share this! After five months of waiting, i finally got these monster shock absorbers, the once in a blue moon shock absorber for 40 series (always unavailable) 😂😆 which includes foam cell steering damper came all the way from Australia to the philippines. Worth the wait😇😇 thanks...
  2. R

    SOLD 80 series Fox shocks, 2.0 dia for 3"-5" lift- Bay Area, CA. $400

    I have 4 Fox 2.0 performance take offs, bumped to ironman FCP shocks. They are in good condition, couple thousand miles on them. Soft, comfortable ride Text me 650-701-6098 for pictures- part # Asking $400 for all. Willing to ship. Not separating front/rear
  3. Comfort AND performance at a great price?! A combo like this is as rare as a double rainbow

    Comfort AND performance at a great price?! A combo like this is as rare as a double rainbow

    A combo like this is as rare as a double rainbow. Wagner talks through what makes Ironman 4x4’s Nitro Gas Shocks and Struts so special.
  4. Dim130

    For Sale 2 pair of used original Toyota 80-series + 2 new OMU Nitrocharger shocks

    I'm selling: - 1 pair of original Toyota HDJ80 shocks - front - used condition - 48511-60390 - 100 USD - 1 pair of original Toyota HDJ80 shocks - rear - used condition - 48531-60430 - 100 USD - 1 pair of new OMU Nitrocharger shocks - front - new condition - 250 USD Condition of the used ones: I...
  5. mdman

    FOX 2.0 IFS on '72 FJ40

    I'm looking to mount some Fox 2.0 IFS shocks on my 1972 FJ40 (985-24-005-1) that have 1/2" diameter shock pin diameter. Does anyone know what the shock pin diameters are for the front top and bottom/ rear top and bottom pins are? OME leads me to believe that they are 31.7 mm or ~1.25 inches...
  6. caintrain


    Hi guys, I bought my first Land Cruiser a month ago and I already love it! I bought a 2000 model that has been extremely well maintained. Since picking it up, I have driven 5k miles. I have noticed a few things that I want to refresh on the car. Based on threads from this forum I have fixed the...
  7. sean2202

    suspension bumper dilemma

    OK my 2000 LC has 155k on original shocks and springs. The shocks are in need of replacing. Previous owner played bumper cars and now front bumper is compromised on passenger side. Its not awful but safety is number 1 with the kids. At this time I don't want a lift because it is just easier...
  8. DJCloz

    Reservoir Shocks, Need some input / feedback

    Did a quick search and nothing really came up. I am looking to upgrading to some reservoir Shocks and I am not sure what brand I should go with. I currently running the Old Man Emu 6000 shocks. I don't have any complaints, but I have the opportunity to sell these to a friend and upgrade...
  9. Peru Darrell

    Boss Shock Absorbers, Anybody ever use or hear of them? Any Good?

    I was about to buy a set of Bilstein 5100 for 2.5" lifted Landcruiser 105 (an 80 chassis with a 100 body basically). Then I stumbled upon Boss Shock Absorbers, but I have never heard of them before. They are 12 position adjustable and available in all combinations of lengths with...
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