2 inch receiver front for LC 100

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Aug 30, 2014
I would like to have a winch option in front, but I don't want the winch to be permanent.
Is there anyone that know of a 2 inch receiver that bolts on behind stock bumper?
I don't mind making the hole in the bumper.
@Ofrovold There was a picture on here recently that someone showed with a front receiver attached in place of the front tie hooks on a 100.

Try searching.

IIRC it seems like they purchased if off etrailer or some such site.
Not so recent (started in 2012), but was thinking about this one:

My bad though since that's a 200 series thread and was the one I was thinking about.

The one linked to in your thread is the most recent 100 series one though.
"The hitch is a Reese 37042 from WalMart of $79. Mounts perfectly in the front tow hook mount holes, no modifications were needed. The Plow is a SnowSport HD."
That's a quote from another thread about a snow plow and a front receiver.
Obviously gives up some approach angle!
THANKS for greate feedback fellows!
However, I'm not completly satisfied. (pardon my English, beeing from Norway and all!)
The target is to mount a winch when I'm bogged. If the 2" is under 1,5 ft of mud/snow it will not do me much good. :)
And as Sandroad mentioned, giving up some angle.

I haven't looked behind the bumper, maybe its possible to cut the mount and to flip the upside down, in some way?
I was (am) interested in this too, since I'd like to have a receiver to temporary install a winch on a hitch mount for pulling me out of deep sand forward. Although there is room behind the bumper for a receiver, no one makes a bolt on solution that high. A receiver could probably be welded in, perhaps starting with an aftermarket unit.

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