For Sale 1HZ Turbo 97' 80 Project

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Jan 26, 2011
Houston, TX
United States

Here is what is for sale.

-Injectors cleaned at MD Diesel (Houston)
-Injection pump bench tested.
-Auto Bellhousing
AXT turbo from GoFast
Conversion parts from 70sguy
-Fan Shroud
-Diesel pick up
-Fan clutch
-AC bracket



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Hey, im not positive actually, maybe ~$5000?

I think i need to reassembly the engine without the turbo, run it, and take compression #s. Plus, a couple years ago when i was still working on this project, i had already taken shim measurements and purchased a valve shim tool; iirc, a couple were not in range. I also have a vid of it running just before i bought it.

Im heading home in a couple of weeks so i ll get pics of the truck and parts included. I don't have time, or patience to deal with parting it out, so ill rather sell it all and take a "loss".......Hint hint.
Very interested in this and I can come and load it all up no shipping needed.

Your inbox is full please send me a pm with your phone number .


-1HZ valve lifter tool $200
-new kickdown, accelerator, cruise control cables.
-all the conversion parts from 70sguy $1000
-new engine insulator mounts $200 akella
-Bellhousing $750 dave4x4
-injectors and pump tested ~$550
-1HZ engine $3500
-Turbo w/1HZ manifold $700

I'll be out of the country for the next month, but if you would like to view the 80 i can provide the address to the yard where you can inspect it.

Sorry i dont have the time to take out all the parts and itemize them, please just view the pictures as closely as you can to draw a conclusion as to what is available. I will start a another thread just for the 80, but those of you who part them out, here is one where you don't need to any wrenching, you can practically buy it and start to post the items for sale.

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Ok, back home visiting family and decided to perform the compression tests. Results? 1-5 cylinders tested at around 500, but during #6 the adapter (glow plug hole) of the gauge snapped, and while extracting it the "head" cracked (see last pic). Dissapointed, but at least i know #6 most likely would have had 500psi also. You guys can come with the offers because all this has been sitting in storage since 2012. Edited the OP to reflect whats avail, the 80 is sold, but everything else is still here. Pics of compression #s in order 1-5 cy. Don't have time to part, except the turbo and conversion parts.





Where the crack is on #6 glowplug hole.

Updated pics of whats included.





Close up of part #s


Thanks for all the inquires and to the forum.

Sorry to all the window shoppers that asked weird question that i didn't reply to......LOL.
I'm the one who purchased the engine from New80Owner (Jonathan). I'll put in a shameless plug here -- he was an awesome MUDder with whom to do a transaction. Engine was better than I had hoped, and the packing job and quality of crating and attention to detail in packing the 1HZ manual and a tote of loose parts was awesome.

If any of you have a chance to deal with with him in the future, I can wholeheartedly endorse him as a straight up, high character guy.

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