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Nov 1, 2017
Bay Area, CA
Alright y’all, got some strange engine rattle going on with my 1HZ. I can’t seem to find anything here on Mud that matches what I’m hearing, but I’m an idiot so its very possible I’ve missed something. Any links/thoughts/comments/cursing would be much appreciated ;)


I posted this to the US 70s Facebook page, and one guy said he thought it was an injector spraying at a low pressure, possible worn out spring. If that’s the case, that would be great, but Id like to hear some other opinions before I go chasing any rabbit holes. I’ve read many stories about chasing noises on 1HZs and throwing lots of time and $ and coming up dry only to keep driving it without problems.

Doesn’t sound like a knock or a tick. Starts at about 1,800 RPM, whether in gear or not, goes away about 2,600 RPM. Sounds like top end. In the video, you can hear it starting at :09 sec, and is most noticeable right at the :10 sec mark. I know noises are hard to hear in videos, but I feel like it’s pretty easy to hear it in this one.

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