For Sale 1HZ or 1HD turbo "kit" - factory parts

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Feb 28, 2007
Portland OR - USA
I have the turbo and practically everything related to the turbo to install on a 1HZ engine (or 1HD if you lost your turbo) .

Basically everything included except for connection to your air cleaner, connection to your intake, and the oil return (you will have to put a hole in your oil pan) Ill include an aftermarket oil feed plate and a braided stainless line to connect the oil feed source at the oil pressure sender. Also includes the water connections

These are new factory Toyota take off parts from a 1HD-FTE engine that was never fired. Same turbo specs as the turbo on a 1HD-T(or very close).

Ill post photos later.

$1850. Located in Portland
Feb 28, 2007
Portland OR - USA

The first photo shows all parts except for two items for install on a 1HZ.

1. The oil return and feed assembly will be replaced with an aftermarket plate which has a hose barb for the oil return and a threaded input for the oil feed.

2. Ill provide a tee and flexible oil line which will allow oil feed to be supplied from the oil pressure sender location. Ill mock this up on an engine to get the correct length.

Being from an FTE these turbos were used with a factory inter-cooler. If you plan on using an air to air unit in front of the radiator then you are all set. If you dont want to use an inter-cooler then you will have to work out your own tubing from the compressor output to the intake. The small end of the manifold will need a block off plate where the EGR pipe would be.

The second photo shows an option. I can include the shiny new HD-T manifold with a used heat shield in place of the FTE manifold. You would use the small half of your existing HZ manifold in this case. The shield is in good shape but could use blasting and/or painting to make it pretty.

I also have an 80 series dump elbow that might be more useful if the buyer is installing in an 80.

Parts included.
-Manifold - both pieces with sealing rings.
-Manifold to head gaskets
-Turbo with heat shields
-Main manifold heat shield
-Water inlet for the head (has a hose barb to connect to the turbo)
-Heater hose from right side (has a hose barb to connect to the turbo)
-Metal water line to route water from the head inlet behind the front cover to the right side.
-Inlet/outlet pipes for turbo compressor
-Exhaust elbow pictured (or a used 80 elbow)
-Brace from bottom of turbo to the block.

The cast iron all shows light surface rust on the outside, but the inside is still gray metal. No carbon from use.

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