For Sale 1HZ H55 combo


May 30, 2008
Selling a 1HZ H55 combo that I removed from a 1996 HZJ73 a few years ago with a crusty body. This Cruiser had low miles but the main use for it the last few years was to supply food and drinks to a beach bar in the Netherlands so it has seen it's fair share of salt and the body was not worth repairing imhop.

Cruiser had around 200k km or around 125 k miles on it , I did a compression test on it and they are all around 550 psi . I replaced a few small items like the heat shield on the exhaust manifold and a few brackets that come unpainted from the factory as they had some rust and wear. The engine was bone dry but I was planning to use it on a future build myself so I sprayed it down with some used oil preserving it for future use. Anyway with everything lined up at the shop that project moved to the back burner and someone else can use this combo in a project.

If anyone needs extra parts like a radiator, fan shroud , transmission crossmember, airbox etc let me know as I have all these parts and they sure make swapping one of these in a lot easier.

6500$ plus shipping

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