1fz-fe & 3FE - blown head gasket roll call!

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Aug 22, 2017
Los Angeles
Out of curiosity!!
What is your experience? Is HG replacement a maintenance item like brake pads? POST em up!!
Year - model - mileage post HG replacement.

1994 1fz-fe with 220,000 had the head gasket replaced by the PO. unsure of the mileage when that work occured.
1991 3FE with around 350,000 is on the original head gasket.
97 with 225. Will do a head gasket this summer as preventative but mostly because im burning oil. I will keep this truck hopefully forever and now that i won't put 200k on it so why not repair replace now and enjoy benefits vs waiting
HG on mine (95) went at 480000km (Australia) & it was at #6cyl.
I was about 2km from home so lucky in that respect. was using about 1l of oil every 5000km up to that (valve stem seals) and I got stuck into it once home after it cooled down

That was just over 4 years ago and has done about 30000km since without any issues - i reckon it drives better now than when I bought it new
I had hardened valve seats put in for LPG compatability when the head was re done, luckily no cracks or anything, just the gasket let go in the usual spot. Cyl bores looked perfect with cross hatching still very obvious in all cyl's

and today I changed the plugs which I put in at time of re doing the HG and they all looked perfect & identical so am pretty happy with it as I did all the work myself @ home

touch wood (hand on head) it will go for a long time again !
Service records indicate the head gasket was replaced on my 3FE truck by the dealership in around the year 2000-2001. 270k now and still purring away with clean oil and factory fresh compression.

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