1997 LX450 Transmission & Transfer Case Replacement Help

Jan 4, 2015
Tucson, AZ
Hello, I'm located in the Tucson, AZ area. I actually spoke with Jonathon in the Tucson area, and he has a transmission & transfer case and offered to swap out for me for $1600. He was finishing up a head gasket job, but I've sent him a couple of follow up messages on Facebook that show no read receipt, so perhaps they're just going to his message requests and he's not seeing them. So, if anyone can put me in contact with him, awesome. Otherwise, if he's not avail or I can't reach him, I'm wondering if there's anyone else in the Southern AZ area that either has or can help me source a good working transmission & transfer case and help with replacement. Otherwise, I'm considering reaching out to some of the shops in the area, but thought I'd post here first if there's anyone that can connect Jonathon & myself again, or has the ability to help out themselves prior to going to other transmission shops. Thanks all! Sorry Raptor Liner haters.

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