SOLD 1997 Collectors Edition, Virginia Beach. (reduced price)

Oct 14, 2004
Virginia Beach, VA
Vehicle Model
80 Series
23464 Virginia Beach Virginia, United States
Hi folks. I regretted selling my last 80 and will likely regret selling this one. However, it seems like it is time to move on to a 100 series.

The Good:

-1997 Collectors Edition
-Two tone Gray with Oak interior (quite possibly the rarest and most desirable color combination)
-Disco Cup holder
-second and third row reclining seats.
-Aussie locked rear (works flawlessly)
-Pin 7 + CDL
-ARB non winch bumper with AC skid
-Slee headlight harness + Aux harness
-Slee step sliders
-Slee transfer case skid plate
-Rear DVD entertainment system (for the kiddos)
-TJM 2.5 inch lift with factory shocks.
-Airlift airbags in rear coils (edit: both are blown)
-750w power inverter located in rear quarter panel wired to plugs in cargo area
-On board air compressor in rear quarter panel with air plumbed to a quick disconnect in the right rear cubby.
-Extra power ports X3 One on passenger side, one in second row and one in third row.
-All power to the rear provided by a ginormous cable (with fuse) that used to power a big amp. Aux Fuse block in rear panel and under center console.
-Cobra 18WXSTII (weather capable) CB with antenna (not sure I want to leave this in the rig, but it is negotiable)
-100w inverter in dash (see pic above radio)
-Temp gauge mod...Never overheats
-blue fan clutch
-New radiator at 240k
-LED light bar wired into modded heater switch... Left position they come on with the brights, center is off, right position they come on by themselves. Very bright!
-285 Cooper ATs with about 90% tread. These handle great on all surfaces and wheel reasonably well. 285 spare as well.
-AC blows very cold
-drivers seat bottom is in good shape, seat back is rough. Another complete rough seat is included.
-power seats are all fully functional. (just tested the passenger side, and it appears that the gear is stripped as it makes noise, but won't slide forward)
-all other seats are in great shape
-pioneer cd player, working factory stereo also included.

-Entire EGR system replaced at 160k
-New front Rotors at 195k
-Dist O-ring replaced at 195k
-Wheel bearings repacked at 195k
-Rear hatch handle replaced at 166k
-Rear windshield wiper mechanism replaced at 166k
-New U-joints front and rear at 175k
-Rear Main replaced at 175k
-New belts at 195k
-New Idler pulley at 195k
-New AC condenser and recharge at 186k
-Original head gasket with no issues
-New Starter contacts at 240k
-New lights in all switches and Climate control unit.
-I am sure I am forgetting something, but I'll check my log book and see what else I did..
-New interstate battery Nov 2019
-New muffler 2016

Parts included:
-New toyota thermostat and gasket
-Landtank seat brackets with all hardware may be included.
I think I have some other parts that I haven't hung yet--I'll update as I find them

The Bad:

-Couple small wheeling dents--you seriously have to look for them to see them.
-A couple small rust spots on the rear hatch
-This has been wheeled a lot. The armor has taken the brunt of the damage, but there is some rock rash on the diffs, the control arm mounts and the frame.
-A good bit of surface rust underneath from being in VA, but I washed it regularly and there is no cancer.
-Valve Guide seals are leaking, so idling for more than 5 min or so results in a puff of blue smoke.
-valve cover gasket leaks a bit, but it hasn't bothered me enough to fix it.
-Burns a quart of oil every 1000 miles or so.
-leaks a little at the power steering hose.
-It is a little dirty. I'll be cleaning it this week.

Bottom line: A very nicely appointed 80 that drives like a dream, wheels like a champ and that I regularly drive on multi-day trips. Nothing wrong with it other than what I stated

Price is 5,500, open to reasonable offers...

Please PM me or post questions here. If you would like to discuss in detail, call me at 208-596-8800.



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Oct 14, 2004
Virginia Beach, VA
Forgot, to mention, I am the third owner, the second is a long time mud member also. Locking tailgate storage as pictured.
Oct 14, 2004
Virginia Beach, VA
More: Please note that the vast majority of the "rust colored" material that you see is red clay from uwharrrie. The so-called undercarriage wash at the local carwash won't touch it. Anything that has ever looked like it might be rust has been treaty yearly with fluid film.





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