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Jun 25, 2004
Parting out a 1994 FZJ80 that is dark green in color. Vehicle is an automatic with the 24-valve, 4.5 L six-cylinder petrol engine, 1FZ-FE. Vehicle ran just fine from offload site to my house which was maybe 1/8th mile. That said the vehicle has 223k miles and there is definitely an oil leak on the motor somewhere since oil grunge thoroughly covered the susp parts below. There are a few items that I will be keeping, and please be patient with me on pulling parts, I was ran over by a truck 5 years ago and my legs do not quite work like they are supposed to. I can get pictures of specific parts if you need, please let me text them to you since that will be so much easier and faster.

As for pricing, I liked what another user on here did by using 75% of the cost on cruiser parts plus shipping. I am open to making deals on the entire vehicle, multiple parts, and even individual parts.

This is the only way I can make sure who asked for a part first, you are more than welcome to also send a private message, I will then give you my cell number to call or text from that point forward. My ebay user name is the same as my username here so you can check me out. I have also sold hundreds of items from a bike shop inventory on the slowtwitch forum before my accident but my username there is race4lv.

I will work as quickly as I can to get the parts pulled and out to you, but please be patient. Items like the motor will take a while to pull correctly.

I kept the front and rear end since they were the e-lockers and built them up for my ride, so they are not available. The front and rear out of my imported diesel 91 are both available. The front is the high pinion 8" and the rear is a full floater 9.5". The axle set-up is identical to the full floater that I pulled out of the 94 in that the wheel/rim mounts to the hub, so the vehicle weight is on the hub not the axle. The axle mounts to the hub with the stud/cone washer set-up just like the front end. The drive plate for the rear is part of the axle though which is different that the front. I know this is a point of confusion out there so I just want it to be clear that the rear is a version of the full floater just that the drive flange is part of the axle, the axle does not use a c-clip, and the weight of the vehicle is not on the axle. That said my front end out of the 91 needs a front end seal job for sure, I have some of the items for that job new and will include them.

I also have a new installed radiator and a used radiator since I upgraded mine to a 4 core and the 94 came with a new one installed. The 94 had quite a bit of mechanical work done to make it roadworthy before I bought it.

I have a partial set of lift items that will come out of my 91 as well.

The body is in rather good condition with a few small door dings here and there.
The tires are brand new Fuzion 265 75 16 on the factory rims, rims need some tlc.
Driver and Pass front seats are beat up, would need a full re-build, mech is fine though. Second and third row seats are in decent condition, I am keeping the hardware from the third row seats. Interior is gray, seat belts are grey. Floor carpet would need a serious shampoo and even then it may not be perfect.

Vehicle and parts are located in Southern California, Rancho Cucamonga

Please ask away if you have questions, I will try to check here often. Thank you. I have attached some images, I hope they show.

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