For Sale 1994 FJZ80 Central TX

Apr 22, 2018
Central Texas

245,050 miles

"Beast" has been our family vehicle since 2011, but when our third child was due last summer we decided we needed air conditioning in the back and got a Suburban. We always dreamed of restoring and converting to diesel, but it just isn't where our family is right now.

No, he does not have factory lockers (or aftermarket for that matter).

We are not interested in parting him out.

Buyer is responsible for transport.

Known issues:
The driver's side exterior door handle is broken.
The driver's side mirror glass is missing (unrelated to broken handle).
The power steering pump is leaking.
The trip-meter spring is sprung.
The paint, door and window seals and weatherstripping are all showing signs of dry-rot/deterioration.
Burns some oil.
Check engine light ... ERG valve code.

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