1. SBroz

    MUDShip Bumper - Bay Area, Ca to Houston, Tx

    Looking to get a front bumper and winch from a member in the California Bay Area, so if anyone is planning a trip on I10 through Houston, ilI certainly compensate you for delivery. Thanks Sean
  2. gunnyguns

    For Sale Central TX - 1984 FJ60 $14,000

    1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 - Rebuilt Wanting $14,000. Sitting at 292,000 miles. Bought at roughly 284,000 miles, then rebuilt engine. Has been my daily driver since rebuilding for about 6 months, and has been on one off-roading trip. Was hoping to do a little more aesthetic work to this...
  3. H

    SOLD Houston - 2013 Land Cruiser

    Howdy IH8MUD Crew - I’ve decided to list my immaculate 2013 Land Cruiser for sale and I’m hoping it can go to another enthusiast! This a Texas truck its entire life, no accidents, no stories, ZERO rust, everything works and it’s exceptionally clean. All maintenance is done and major items...
  4. HemiAlex

    Wanted TEXAS: FJ62 odds and ends needed

    I'm looking for a few small odds and ends to complete out this 62. I need the following: -Turn signal relay 81980-16010, used is fine. -Carb fan, current one has a bad bearing and is humming pretty loudly. -Steering wheel (presentable driver condition, the foam on this one Is loose) I'll...
  5. F

    For Sale North Texas: 1999 Lexus LX470

    North Texas (Collin County area; North of DFW region of Texas) 1999 Lexus LX470 (Limited Slip) Exterior: Cashmere Beige Metallic Interior: Ivory Miles: Approximately 210,500 (daily driver, so +/-) Price: $21,000 I have determined that I want a newer model 200 series, as it will be my daily...
  6. thewadejack

    Need 2022 Wedding Getaway FJ60/62, Dripping Springs, TX

    Hello All! I'm sadly a former owner of a '87 FJ60. I had to give it up for adult life and I'm proud to say giving up some of life's pleasures 2 years ago has gotten my life in better order and got me engaged to a strong Texas woman. We are getting married in Dripping Springs in March of 2022...
  7. DFWTX80BJ44

    New Member 1980 BJ44

    New to the forum. Recently purchased 80 BJ44VL (I think on the L) original for the most part 87k original kilometers. Obvious suspension changes and freestyle Toyota logos on the side. Runs like a top, minimal wear on mechanicals and rust limited to rear lower panels (seems to be common)...
  8. texanjeremy

    1982 BJ44 Soft Top

    This is my first Land Cruiser! Almost every piece of the body has rust on it, but the frame and drivetrain are in great condition. The top was ripped up pretty good when I purchased it. I took the top off and have been driving it every day. So much fun!!! I'm in East Texas. Jeremy
  9. liftinghvy

    SOLD Lifted '17 200 w/ 77.5k mi $62,987 Lakeway, Tx(Austin)

    I drove by this dealership the other day and noticed this 2017 LC sitting on the used lot. I'm not affiliated with dealer, but I'm local so if someone from out of state or a drives away wants me to go by and FaceTime the vehicle let me know. I don't mind. It appears to be lifted, but I haven't...
  10. wiggity

    A/T tire help

    Hey guys, so it’s about that time to replace my tires and I need some input. I’m currently running 275/65/18 GY Wrangler Adventure with Kevlar. These tires are six years old and have aged quite roughly. I’ve only had my LC200 since 2019 and I’ve put on 25k miles 😈 I’m torn between getting stock...
  11. W

    SOLD Texas 2013 Lexus LX570 97K miles

    I everyone! I mentioned before I was going to be selling my 2013 LX and I decided to list it on Cars and Bids. There is a lot of information on the listing, but I will try to answer questions here too. I am located in San Antonio, TX. The truck has been registered and driven in Texas its entire...
  12. 2006_LX470_hitch.png


    LX470 mid-trail on the southern side of the Chisos Basin, Big Bend National Park.
  13. tglaser

    For Sale FJ40 Front Seats - Austin, Texas

    Have a set of front seats that I believe are out of a ‘79 FJ40. Planned to use them in my cruiser but ended up going different route. Price is $400; preference to locals, don’t want to ship unless necessary. Email at tglaser2 @ Gmail, or text @ 512 757 1664
  14. houstonfj40

    1976 Mustard Yellow FJ40 addition

    Looking forward to taking care of this 76 FJ40. Very clean AZ truck. Driver and getting it ready for the family and use locally and in CO. Got the plates yesterday and 30 miles so far today. Working on the first and always tank of ethanol free. 2f smogged Lockers/ARB compressor and tank 3.70’s...
  15. HTXLX470

    Loose connectors behind headlamp, newb, Barnfind LX

  16. rick312


  17. Big4Jerm3

    For Sale 2000 LX 470 (TX), New TB/WP/Radiator/Fan Bracket/TJM T17 Bumper

    Texas truck it's entire life. No rust. 2 owner. I can send more pics if needed. CL post link below. 2000 Lexus LX 470 Land Cruiser (New Timing Belt/Water Pump/Radiator) Selling my 2000 LX 470. I am the 2nd owner. This is a solid SUV and is built like a tank. First owner was a doctor who drove...
  18. T

    For Sale 2000 4runner, Central TX

    I have a 2000 4runner 4x4 for sale with 220000 miles.I purchased it from my dads best friend who bought it new in San Diego Toyota. It is in amazing condition and recently had the cylinder head gaskets redone , the heads machined and new valve cover gaskets installed. Along with water pump...
  19. T

    Texas Registration issues

    Hey guys in a bit of a pickle here. I'm having issues registering my 1993 HZJ73 in Texas. First question, does anyone know where I can get my export certificate translated and notarized? I have the translation but its not official. Second question: The tax and revenue office says that I need...
  20. The Jade Bean

    For Sale SOLD (TX) 1993 Troopcarrier, Trekka, 1HZ-Turbo

    SOLD I am helping @richardmreed10 sell his sweet 1993 Troopy. It's sitting at my house in Tyler, Texas as Richard had to take back off to Australia. We got it properly imported here in Texas and I have all the paper work. I also own a 1991 Troop Carrier, so I have an appreciation for these...
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