1. Big4Jerm3

    For Sale 2000 LX 470 (TX), New TB/WP/Radiator/Fan Bracket/TJM T17 Bumper

    Texas truck it's entire life. No rust. 2 owner. I can send more pics if needed. CL post link below. 2000 Lexus LX 470 Land Cruiser (New Timing Belt/Water Pump/Radiator) Selling my 2000 LX 470. I am the 2nd owner. This is a solid SUV and is built like a tank. First owner was a doctor who drove...
  2. T

    For Sale 2000 4runner, Central TX

    I have a 2000 4runner 4x4 for sale with 220000 miles.I purchased it from my dads best friend who bought it new in San Diego Toyota. It is in amazing condition and recently had the cylinder head gaskets redone , the heads machined and new valve cover gaskets installed. Along with water pump...
  3. T

    Texas Registration issues

    Hey guys in a bit of a pickle here. I'm having issues registering my 1993 HZJ73 in Texas. First question, does anyone know where I can get my export certificate translated and notarized? I have the translation but its not official. Second question: The tax and revenue office says that I need...
  4. The Jade Bean

    For Sale SOLD (TX) 1993 Troopcarrier, Trekka, 1HZ-Turbo

    SOLD I am helping @richardmreed10 sell his sweet 1993 Troopy. It's sitting at my house in Tyler, Texas as Richard had to take back off to Australia. We got it properly imported here in Texas and I have all the paper work. I also own a 1991 Troop Carrier, so I have an appreciation for these...
  5. Houston88

    For Sale 88 FJ62 in Houston 267K miles

    1988 FJ62 with about 267,000 miles. Looking to get $7000. Houston, Texas Pros Rust free Straight Engine runs great Has AC that blows well, just not cold at the moment Garage parked for most of the time Cons Transmission is shot Has some oil leaks One crack in the dash Driver's seat has the...
  6. S

    For Sale 1994 FJZ80 Central TX

    $5000 245,050 miles "Beast" has been our family vehicle since 2011, but when our third child was due last summer we decided we needed air conditioning in the back and got a Suburban. We always dreamed of restoring and converting to diesel, but it just isn't where our family is right now. No...
  7. G

    For Sale 1999 Land Cruiser - 2nd owner - Dealer maint. w/ all records 257K mi Houston TX

    Bought the vehicle in Feb 2001 (1 1/2 years old and 18,800 miles) from the CFO of the local Toyota dealership here in Houston TX. He was the first owner and it was his every day driver. My wife drove it for the first 9 years, and has been my every day driver for the last eight plus years. When...
  8. adrenalinejunk8

    What are your thoughts about driving your own LC on the Dalton Highway in Alaska?

    Hello adventurers, I am new to here. I am planing to take a road trip to Dalton Highway from Texas. My route is from Central Texas to New Mexico, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Anchorage, Fairbanks, then Prudhoe Bay. What are your thoughts and recommendations...
  9. C

    Wanted TRANSMISSION for Fj62 - Auto or manual

    Need a new transmission for my 1988 Fj62. Based in austin texas. Text me at 512-466-8865
  10. marketShark

    craigslist 2008 TX AMAZON GREEN 152K $29.9K

    2008 Toyota Land Cruiser AMAZON Green Landcruiser NOT MINE, but know of the affinity for the elusive Amazon Green on Tan LC. Came across it on a recent search. Favorite quote from the post: " Gets incredibly good gas mileage in the low teens. Like 13."
  11. U

    Wanted FZJ80 or LX450 Daily Driver. Mid-Atlantic or Texas/Oklahoma

    Looking to spend $7-8000. Could go higher for a good deal. Primarily road use, nothing fancy. Lockers welcome but not necessary. 3rd-row seats desired. Minimal Rust. Ready to drive/minimal maintenance. The more life left in it, the better. Don't know how long I would hang on to it.
  12. Prestonf07

    Wanted fj 80/ fzj 80/ lx 450

    Well, I caught the bug so I'm looking for my first Land Cruiser or LX450. I can go up to $8500. I'm in the Texas Panhandle and can travel around 500 miles to get it.
  13. J

    top places to get body work (FJ40 in Texas)

    I am new to this so sorry guys and gals if this has been posted or I just did not do my home work correctly. I just got a 1973 FJ 40 and it needs alot of body work. I leave in Houston TX so I was hopping if there are any recommendations to where to get body work done in TX? Thanks for the help
  14. K

    Wanted Locked JF80 or LX450 in NM, TX, AZ, CO Area

    Hello everyone, new member here. I was building up my F-350 to be an expo rig, but quickly decided that having my daily driver and work truck as my play vehicle wouldn't be the best idea. I'm looking for an FJ80 or LX450, preferably locked, and in solid condition. My main concern is that I get...
  15. New2UZJ100

    Finally, I am making the switch!

    Just sold my JKU (aka Wrangler) and will start seriously looking for a 100 series. I cannot wait to get one home and get to building. I have been lurking around the site for 9 months but finally signed up 10 minutes ago. We (my boys and I) cannot wait to meet some of you soon. We are in...
  16. hooter

    Wanted back half of 40 frame, Texas

    no title needed. Need only the rear half. not year specific. for trailer build Thanks! hOOter
  17. aggiepaintrain

    For Sale Texas 06 White 79k $21k 1 owner not mine

    Price is good, minor wreck on carfax. Tires are bald, leather looks iffy. Used 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser in Dallas, TX 75252 - 457184089 - Autotrader
  18. johntesi

    0 to FJ62 rather quickly: johntesi's FJ62 Adventures

    It’s hard to know where to start with this introduction! It’s been a long time coming, as I’ve been on the lookout for the right 60-Series Land Cruiser for years, and in the position to buy one for less than that but plenty long. When I found the right one for sale here on MUD, I finally made...
  19. varun bhargava

    craigslist Not Mine - 2007 LC - Texas - 94k miles

    2007 Toyota Land Cruiser - 94k Miles - Black Based on pictures - No AHC - No DVD player - Clean interior - No exterior rust
  20. T

    For Sale 1992 TEXAS 80 -ARB, OME, SLEE, 152K-

    I found this truck through this forum and hopefully someone else will. I let Craigslist have a week (more like weak) headstart due to the fact I am looking to replace it with a diesel. Two birds with one stone sorta thing. It has yielded the expected hilarious result. So here she is... It has...
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