1993 LJ70 2LT LHD 5-speed manual Prado looking for a new engine swap, please leave suggestions, thank you :) (1 Viewer)

May 22, 2014
Los Angeles
If you’re going with gas, just go LS and make it easy on yourself, you can adapt any number of Toyota manuals to it and there is a roadmap to swap it into just about anything. Sure it isn’t Toyota anymore, but after the Toyota porn factor wears off an LS will serve you well and is so easy.

If you’re going diesel I’ve driven one of these with a 1KZ and it’s a hoot! There are all sorts of Toyota diesel options, a Cummins R2.8 drives great in a Lans Cruiser. Or, for all of this money you will spend on a swap, I’m sure you can rebuild a 2LT to be the best it can be and enjoy it. I know these engines are notoriously not that awesome and I’m hardly an expert on them but I can’t image a fancy rebuild being even as expensive as a full LS swap, swaps are expensive, even easy ones.


Sep 29, 2013
Austin, TX
Someone is selling a 1PZ for a ridiculously low amount of money right now, like $2500.

Toss that in - or even a 1HZ and you’re good to go.

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