1. BiffS

    For Sale 130,xxx KM 2L-TE engine, very good compression, no head leaks

    2L-TE engine for sale. Came from good running truck, no head gasket issues. COLD dry compression test: 451 450 455 500 Comes with injection pump, power steering pump, turbo and manifolds. Alternator, and AC pump not available. Being pulled form the truck to make way for 1HDT 5 speed swap combo...
  2. P

    For Sale 87 2LT 4x4 XtraCab Alu. dump box, 2 spare engines & a lot more.

    The listing doesn't show in eBay motors and the clowns can't tell me why! So, I thought I'd post it here too. Like it says open to offers - and feedback too! The glue-lams that make up the deck bow up a little bit in winter when they get wet. In summer there's about a 1½" gap. Have been...
  3. B

    1985 Toyota Pickup DLX Turbo - 2LT - Restoration Project

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post, and I'm new to the forum. Been lurking and reading for a long time, but finally decided to post. A little about me, my daily driver is a 1985 Toyota Pickup SR5. I live on a gnarly mountain road, and this billygoat gets me around no matter what the weather...
  4. AirheadNut

    SOLD Complete, Low Mileage 2L-TE in NW Montana - Sale Pending

    SOLD I just pulled this running 2L-TE from my Prado at 70,536 miles. It is complete from the fan to the bell housing, and includes the ECU and all of the associated wiring plugs (would have to be reconnected). The bell housing will bolt directly to any pre-1995 V6 5-speed (post '95 will require...
  5. TLC Norway

    plumbing a coolant heater on 12-HT

    seems my coolant heater isn't very effective at covecting/percolating the water through the block, only a small portion at the back of the 12ht is getting heated. On the little 2lt engine its working fine, but its all the way down at the frame rail, on the 12ht it sits level with the oil cooler...
  6. MauricioR

    Toyota 2L and 2LT Manifold compatibility

    Hi team, I been researching about this since I am turbo charging a 2L engine, but so far I have been not able to confirm this. I need to know if the 2LT manifold works for the 2L engine or should I pay to fabricate a custom one for it? PD: Turbo is a CT20
  7. G

    For Sale 1990 Hilux Surf 2.4 (2L-T) 5spd [Squamish, BC]

    Howdy folks! Selling my trusty Surf. It's had all the work done that needs to be done on these engines to make them decently reliable. All major work was performed by ATEB (RHD diesel specialists). The list includes: 50000kms ago: New head 2.5" exhaust K&N intake Timing Belt 25000kms ago...
  8. E

    Wanted 70 series parts list LJ71 1987 2lt landcruiser

    Hello I am looking for a 2lt working waste gate actuator asap. I am interested in a turbo down the line. I am looking for new struts and a boost compensator. If you are in CA or OR parting one out say hi and maybe I'll come pull some chunks off. Thanks! -Evan
  9. E

    New 87 lj71 owner and issues

    Hey there everyone I hope I'm posting I the right place please inform me if I'm not. I'm recently purchased a 1987 LJ71. It's pretty sluggish but for the most part it's in amazing shape. To over come the sluggishness I put a 2.5" exhaust, I lost power at highway speeds and the orange light on...
  10. BiffS

    For Sale 73, 77, 78 SERIES diesel parts, engines in Van, BC Canada

    Now selling the running engines! 1PZ engine sold 150K KM 1HZ SOLD I'm (WRAPPING UP!) a body swap and a 12 volt conversion on my PZ77 from a LJ78 donor. Also going to part out a HZ 73. Have most of the 73 and 78 series availible for parts. the LJ78 only had 49,000 Kilometers on it. The 73 has...
  11. Jordan thomas

    Swap from v6 3vze to 2LT turbo diesel

    Hey guys I'm new to the site hoping to get some answer. I'm doing a swap from a 1990 hilux 3vze with w56 transmission to a 2LT turbo diesel. My question is will the clutch work when I do the swap? Also I know the motor mounts on my truck will not work ( cause it's v6 ) if I get mounts fabbed up...
  12. Engineerscake

    Diesel Spec Table

    Howdy forumers, I'm new here... I've spent some time on looking around this forum and have prepared a table of common stock and popular swap diesel engine specs for 60 series LandCruiesers. I know that all this information is available here, but I haven't seen a comprehensive table... so I made...
  13. TLC Norway

    HJ61 Cruiser build

    As some of you might know, my previous HJ60 went up in smoke. With a lot of support, good help and donations, I lucked out and managed to get another 60 series in less than a month. Thanks to everyone! So... i admit... I do have an addiction! A few months earlier i sold the other LJ73 Diesel...
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