1. SnipeTracks

    Wanted Owners manual

    Does anyone know of a owners manual for a 1991 HZJ77, or one similar to a Chilton's manual?
  2. googlematt

    SOLD ***OffMarket, Not Sold***2010 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams, 6MT, 89.6k miles

    Hi All, It's unfortunately time to sell. I am having trouble saving for upgrades with the up front cost of the FJ itself. I plan to get an FJ80 that I can afford to upgrade (so trades for FJ80s are an option). Ebay listing with Vehicle History: 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams | eBay...
  3. MrMikeyG

    For Sale 1995 FSM single volume black/greern cover---SOLD---

    Hello. Just as the title states; I have a factory service manual for the 1995 Land Cruiser for sale. It is the single volume publication number RM432U it is in decent shape, very minimal greasy finger marks on page edges, no rips/tears, no missing pages, not all marked up inside, and not...
  4. sunrk

    Same or different gear oil for manual box and transfer case ?

    That perennial question 8-) I currently run Caltex VMX-M in both the 5-spd manual box (with Nulon G-70) and part-time transfer case (with no additive) of my 80. Looking to try something else. I've had recommendations to firstly not use the same oil in both and secondly to go with Redline MT-90...
  5. E

    4.5L EFI - 1FE-FZ - FJ79R (2003) - evaporative emissions problem

    Hi all, I think I'm having an evaporative emissions problem as my main fuel tank is becoming pressurised on occasion, however I'm struggling to find/figure out the evap system as my vehicle has two additional fuel tanks and it seems the system has been modified to accommodate the additional...
  6. CruiserWeight

    For Sale NV4500 Splitcase combo

  7. sigorama

    For Sale FJ40, FJ55, FJ60 Manuals and Vintage Posters

    We have a variety of vintage owners manuals for sale. Please email us if you’re interested in any of these: View pics 1979 FJ40 / FJ55 Owners Manual – SOLD 1979 FJ40 / FJ55 “Owners Guide” – SOLD 1986 FJ60 Owners Manual – $45 Vintage 1970s FJ40 / FJ55 / FJ45 Brochure...
  8. 2

    For Sale 1997 LX450 Repair Manual & New Blue Fan Clutch

    I have a used Lexus factory repair manual for a 1997 LX450. Front cover has a little tear that was fixed with tape, other than that, in perfect shape. $150 OBO plus shipping I have a brand new never installed blue fan clutch, part no 16210-66020. $100 OBO plus shipping I have a "115V"...
  9. Not A CJ

    For Sale 1978 FJ40 Manual Steering box

    1978 FJ40 Manual Steering box. $90 free shipping in the US. I just replaced my manual steering with a mini truck set-up and have no need for the old box. It came off my rig but I would recommend a rebuild as it was a little loose.
  10. M

    For Sale 1972 FJ40

    Hi guys, This listing is for a friend of mine. He is selling his 1972 FJ40. It has a SBC 350 with a 3 speed manual, he just had the clutch done a few days ago. Has 4 wheel discs, 4 brand new Falken AT 31" tires, and some more goodies. The car has a brand new steel body tub (no rust anywhere)...
  11. Erkan

    User and service manuals for vehicles of all automobiles

    This one is Toyota specific: Toyota manuals
  12. Erkan

    User and service manuals for vehicles of all automobiles

    Hi Folks, This link may be interesting for all of us! You can register here. Enjoy!
  13. Erkan

    Chilton Repair and Tune-up Guide 1974

    Hi Folks, Does anyone have this book: Chilton Repair and Tune-up Guide Toyota Land Cruiser 1974? I only need the front and back cover scanned. Any help is appreciated!
  14. ItsUncleCruiser

    Toyota FJ62 3F-E Engine Repair Manual Supplement

    Here is a PDF link for FJ62’s 3F-E engine repair manual.
  15. M

    Car wants to jump/roll forward in Nuetral.?.?

    Hi, First off. I'm new to this. Please tell me if I'm doing this wrong! There is sure to be many posts after this one! My partners the "mechanic" & I'm the "researcher" Just replaced the clutch in our 75 Series. 1HZ. My partner says when stopped at a red light - the car wants to go forward...
  16. Wes

    FREE ~DONATED~ (TX) 1983 Land Cruiser Owner's Manual

    I am offering a heavily worn 1983 Land Cruiser owner's manual for free. The cover has all but completely detached from the rest of the pages and there are heavy water stains on the inside. It is still readable. It was given to me by another Mud member some time ago. I have since acquired the...
  17. nwcoast

    Code 44 abs- five speed swap?

    hello all, I've been slowly going through my 80 that I got from a guy that did a 1-hdt swap with an Australian 5-speed manual tranny. He did a super nice job, but didn't figure out the cruise control and ABS light before I got it. With the help of MUD guys I got the cruise control...
  18. 86turbopickup

    For Sale 1986 turbo pickup

    Up for sale is my 1986 Toyota pickup turbo, truck has 165,000 miles on it and it will go up as it is my daily. I'm looking to move into a half ton Chevy or gmc probably with some cash on top, no regular cabs, must be 4wd, and leather is preferred. Rebuilt engine at 152,000 Upgraded Pistons...
  19. B

    SOLD 80 Series Manual Cloth Front Seats (From 1991 FJ80)

    This is a pair of front seats that came out of a 91 Land Cruiser. They need cleaning, new padding, new covers, and one of the mounts needs to be welded (or maybe JB welded) back on. I intended to re-cover them and replace my electric seats, but I fixed my electrics. I no longer need them. So...
  20. M

    Wanted 1996 LX450 Owner's Manual

    If you have one, i'll buy it! thanks
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