70 series build

  1. mangobango

    1993 LJ70 2LT LHD 5-speed manual Prado looking for a new engine swap, please leave suggestions, thank you :)

    I have a 1993 LJ70 2LT LHD 5-speed manual with a blown engine and looking for an engine upgrade. I am looking to get a bit more power compared to the 2LT. Thinking of doing a swap and wanting to be pointed in the right direction so I can start planning the swap. Located in Texas, United States...
  2. Ojey

    KZJ78 widebody Restoration build

    Hi, am new here i have for while been looking for a forum were i can share and get advice on my 70 series prado build. We have had the car in the family for while though it had been abandoned ever since we got a 200 series. Until i found a need to give it a second chance i love 70 series...
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