For Sale 1993 FZJ80 TLC in Prescott. $4,000 (1 Viewer)

Feb 12, 2009
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United States
1993 FZJ80 $4,000 in Prescott, AZ

259,244 miles
Clean Title
Nearly every receipt
ARB winch-bumper
Slee rear bumper and tire rack
Slee sliders
Slee transfer case armor
BFG Mud Terrain TA KM 305/70/16. Tread depth decent, but they do have some cupping.
Safari Snorkel
OME lift kit. 850 Front and 863 Rear
After market rear view mirror with Temp/Compass
Alpine CDE-1038T with MP3 and USB capabilties.
60' Hi-Lift
Rovers North T-Handle Shovel
Tuned Cobra 75WXST CB Radio and Wilson Attenna
New Passenger side Mirror.
New PCV Valve- Oil cunsumption is almost non-excistent. Traveled over 2,000 miles a little over a week ago and its still reading FULL
New Gears in Electric Seats
Bed Platform built 4 weeks ago.
New Water pump will be in tomorrow.
Spark plugs changed a little over 2,000 miles ago
New windshield washer motor
Spent most of its life in Phoenix so no rust on the body or frame
A bunch of smaller goodies included.
AC blows cold, heat blows hot.
Cruiser will be washed and vaccumed before sale.
Temp Gauge mod.

Older pics, only difference is mud-flaps have been removed and cb attenna added

The Bad

Will need a new head-gasket soon.
Front Brakes at 70% Rears 20%
No Lockers
Tires a cupped, but tread depth is good
No owners manual, but it will come with a digital verson of the FSM.
Desert and Forest pin striping.
No rear seats
Mud flaps removed
Needs a new ECM

Steering Wheel Column Cover is missing

Knuckle, Studs, and Control Arm needs to be replaced on passenger side. I have new Kuckle seals, studs, and also have replacement Knuckle and arm. It just needs the work done so you will get all the parts.

It was involved in a minor slow speed accident. Only damage to Cruiser was the alignment which was taken care of by Toyota. A person backed their little car into the front left wheel on a snowy day. No actual damage.

High Miles

A few rattles here and there.

Sun Roof leaks during heavy constant rain. Not an issue in AZ.

Leather has seen better days.

To the best of my knowledge this info is accurate.
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Mar 11, 2010
Kokomo, IN
Would you consider parting out the bumpers and sliders to get half of your asking price? I could send you the factory bumpers and even the side steps if you wanted them.
Feb 12, 2009
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I might part it out, but let me think about it.

I can't part out the rear bumper though. The prevoius owner removed the tire crane so there would be no place for the tire.

I'll get back to everyone about that.

The Cruiser and I are located in AZ and spent 90% of its life here. I'm sorry if it takes a long time to reply back to everyone. My computer is on the fritz so it is taking me time.
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Apr 24, 2003
Southwest Oregon
Uh, yeah, bumpers, sliders and armor alone just about add up to the asking price, lift and accesories make this a good deal. bump for ya..
Aug 3, 2009
Lander, WY
"will need a new headgasket soon"
I'm curious why you think that, is it because of the miles and you assume its factory or have you noticed some symptoms?

Bump for a good deal.
Feb 12, 2009
On the road
Hey everyone. I just wanted to apologize for not getting back to everyone. My computer crashed on me on Sunday and I just got it back yesterday night. Please give me time to go through all emails. I know many of you were going to meet up with me this weekend.

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