Parting Out 1991 FJ80 minus frame and axles - MS - good condition - disassembled

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May 15, 2002
Jackson, MS
United States
Parting out a complete FJ80 minus the frame and axles. This FJ80 was the donor for a 4 door FJ40 onto V8 Fj80 project at White Rhino fab in Canton, MS where it is now.

91 Tan on Tan
3FE/ A440 Ran and drove good before totally disassembled about a year ago.
Have clean title.

Please hold your spot in line for those parts by posting on this thread what part you are interested in.

Parts Pricing 80% of whatever Cruiserparts gets for the part you are interested in.

Shipping - You pay shipping from Jackson, MS. I'll package parts, but depending on what parts I may ask you to pay for packing materials. I can ship USPS/FEDEX or UPS.

- Paypal me the money after we agree on parts & price. I'll ship you the part and give you shipping price and tracking number then you will paypal to reimburse the shipping. If you don't like paypal then I understand, so PM me and we will work something out.

See pics below:

Photo Jul 12, 2 18 35 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 12, 2 21 03 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 12, 2 22 33 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 12, 2 21 17 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 12, 2 23 36 PM.jpg
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I am interested in the power steering pump pulley (pulley only) and the complete power steering idler pulley assembly.


Front Console (shifter)
Fuse box door if same as 97'.
Pictures of both front fenders and a price please? Thanks, Mike
Cloth front seats, definitely interested if they come available.
OP is edited. I'm going to the truck this afternoon to pull parts that are reserved so I can get pics to y'all. I won't get into mechanical stuff right now because its too hot to be outside. Look for some updates soon. Package deal is off the table since I'm about to start picking parts out.

Please post your interest in parts in the thread instead of sending me a PM so a line can form and I don't have to keep up with who asked about parts first.
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Can you please tell me if the following are available and the prices? The bolt that provides tension for the alternator, rear windshield wiper arm, provided it isn't bent. Instrument cluster bezel no cracks and last, dash pad provided no cracks. Thank you very much.
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