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Jun 27, 2007
Peachland, BC
United States
SOLD _ 1990 HZJ73 VX Extremely Clean, Built, Locked


Well Its time to sell my 73. We need something with four doors so its time to sell this obsession.



Located in the southern Interior of BC.

This truck was born in Japan and sold through Tokyo Toyota. I have owned the truck for five years and right now it has 206,xxx. I purchased it with 130,xxx so about 15,000 km a year. Its my daily driver from March to October.

This truck came to me stock and I purchased it in Vancouver from a fellow that decided he wanted something bigger - right after Outback Imports brought it in for him.




  • Factory PTO
  • Custom Bull bar, bush rails, sliders and rear bumper with swing away tool rack. These have quick fist clamps to hold your shovel axe and pick.
  • Genuine Acrylic headlight guards
  • New grill in 2011 as the original was fading
  • Roof rack built with schedule 40 aluminum tubing mounted with thule rails
  • Limb raisers with stainless cable and marine turn buckles
  • Safari snorkel
  • Rear pintle with 2' ball
  • Cruisin' Offroad 1/4 inch skid plate.

The truck came with factory graphics which I removed and had the sides repainted when I first got it. Last year some one keyed the driver's side so it was resprayed.

Flares are removed annually to clean behind it and cavity sprayed with fluid film. All hardware replaced with stainless. This is an honest rust free truck that has not been winter driven since I owned it.

Nothing was welded to the frame and all armour unbolts.

Windshield is free of cracks and has two very minor chips that are too small to fill

Work lights in the roof rack are all 24v as are the KC highlights

Ladder on the rear is stainless steel.

Monsoon shields have been mounted with stainless and passenger side acrylic has been repaired.

Convex mirrors have been replaced with flat mirrored glass - motors work perfectly.

Genuine rear mud flaps replaced in 2011

Drive Train:


Stock naturally aspirated 1HZ with five speed. Cruiserland had the valve cover off to set the valves six weeks ago and every valve was within specification. No shims were needed.

Injectors done in 2010

Only genuine fuel and oil filters were used. Comes with my remaining filter stock. I use Shell Rotella.

The rear has the ARB locker and all driveline fluids were done at that time (2010).

Electric hubs have been converted to manual.

Brakes front and rear with ceramic pads and new callipers in 2010.

Timing belt replaced in 2010 as PM.

Rad recored in 2011 as PM.

Complete new rubber hoses, belts, and thermostat in 2011 - toyota red coolant.

Has battery blankets and oil pan heater.

Both front and rear diffs have extended breathers.

Knuckle wiper seals are in good shape.


Old Man Emu Dakar Heavies, shocks and stabilizer. Greaseable shackles are Manafre 3.5" Rear Brake proportioning valve was lifted as well with an aluminum block. Sway bar links were extended.

Wheel's and Tires:

Five matching American Eagle aluminium Baja style 15x8. The spare is a Cooper ST and the main tires are Cooper STT's. They are 33 12.50 r15's and there's about 1/2 inch of tread remaining.


There's a 24-12v Solar converter powering the stereo and an interior fuse block. The stereo works off of ignition but the block provides constant power. There are five 12 volt power sockets available for accessories.

There is a 24v to 12v mil-spec battery charger. This was used to charge a deep cycle battery on a tent trailer.

The ARB compressor is the heavy duty 24volt model.

There is an ignition cut off switch and main power can also be turned off.

Napa Type 27's new in 2010


Over head are 6" JBL's in ported boxes and the factory 4"speakers have also been replaced in the dash.

There's a 10 inch ported Fosgate sub behind the driver's seat powered by an independent amp.


Custom rear storage houses the compressor, battery charger, and amp. It also houses air lines from the compressor to each side of the cabin to an air fitting behind each front seat. The storage box uses factory mounting points and the stock rear seat will bolt back in if the unit is removed.



The tub and interior panels have be lined with dynamat (very quiet truck) and when the panels were removed the cavities were sprayed with fluid film.

An overhead panel provides mounting points for CB radio (removed) and also the stock altimeter, internal/external temperature gauge from an JDM 61 series.

The dash has a mounting/power block for satellite radio and GPS. This is attached with double sided tape. Radio and GPS not included.

Windows are tinted in the rear (imported this way but are still grey and not purple).

Seats are not collapsed and are not torn as typical. My belt caught the edge of the bolster on the drivers and this has been stiched. Lumbar, and electric bolster work well.

AC blows cold.

I was told by a mudder that this truck looks like it was just imported. I have had people ask me if its new.


The cigarette lighter does not work.
The rear main is weeping. I have a new factory seal, new clutch and pressure plate and related bearings ready for when its time to do the job. It does not leave drops in the driveway.


I have replacement bulbs, filters and new clutch parts

I have over $30K invested. Offered at $17,500

Link to photos is here:
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Jun 1, 2006
Port Coquitlam
I've seen this truck in person, as well as his previous 60. This man is nuts when it comes to maintaining his vehicles. That is a beautiful truck.


Out in the shop, building something cool!
Aug 29, 2007
Chilliwack, BC
This truck is worth every penny. Built up by a meticulous craftsman, and every mod is well thought out then done properly. Someone is going to get one of the best rigs out there. Wish it was me, but now's not the time :-(

Looking forward to seeing the next one come together, John.
Oct 25, 2006
Kelowna, B.C.
I don't think it will be for sale for very long John

Awsome deal :cool: on one of the nicest rigs I have ever wheeled with.

if you want a truck that needs nothing but a new driveway to sit in:D this is the one for you.
Oct 8, 2003
Just to chime in with the others that know John and this truck - yes, it's as nice as it looks, and John's exactly the kind of guy you want to buy a rig like this from!

Good luck with the sale... but you're gonna regret it :grinpimp:

Super sweet turn-key wheeler for some lucky bum.
May 13, 2009
Bby, B.C.
I saw it at Cruiser Days last year and it was my pick for nicest tuck, I couldn't take my eyes off it. It's well built and nicely taken care of, I might have even left some DNA on it, sorry John :D. I'm surprised your not asking for a bit more?


Jun 27, 2007
Peachland, BC
Thanks for that, I originally tested the waters with at a local car show at $21k and got a few nibbles but nothing serious. The nibbles came from non cruiser types and its harder I think to show them the value.

The market for this may not necessarily be the people on this forum so I'm trying to find a happy medium. I haven't listed it yet on other services but will shortly.

I building a pig on a LX450 chassis and the pigs been chopped into a truck cab. I also have a new to me locked lx450 that I will be build into a "tourer".



Jun 27, 2007
Peachland, BC
Thanks for the bump Lance. One day either one will make it to cruiser days.

73 has to go first though or my wife will be wondering why I need three cruisers.

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