For Sale 1990 Forerunner Brake Calipers (FJ60/FJ62 brake upgrade)

Jan 9, 2006
San Jose, CA
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I recently changed my FJ62 to the tundra caliper and rotor setup.

So I have a set of front 1990 Toyota Forerunner calipers that I took off of my FJ62. These calipers have the 4 large pistons verses the FJ/60/FJ62 calipers with the 2 small/2 large piston set up. These have only been used for maybe 3500 miles.

If you care, the casting numbers are S12W.

I also have the front rotors and hubs (with ARP hub studs).
The rotors are from Brembo.
The rotors have 3500 miles as well.

I'd like $120.00 for everything plus shipping.
Shipping calulates out to $80.00 (ouch, stuff is heavy)

2 90' Forerunner Calipers
2 Hubs with ARP hardened Hub studs
2 sets Bearing and races (only 3,500miles, good for spare)
2 rotors

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 5.JPG
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Jan 9, 2006
San Jose, CA
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Sorry I missed these.

I wanted better braking.

The tundra setup seemed like the way to go.
The brakes are better...I still need to play with which master cylinder to use. Bigger is not always better. There are pressure and fluid volume to work out. I also have to install the double diaphragm booster from a t-100

1" inch think rotor (vs 5/8)
Larger calipers larger brake pad (more friction material)
Rotor slips on hat style
If I loose a birfield, I can keep the hub spindle together (eliminate 1 step)

FJ62 Tundra Front Disk brake upgrade
Rotors 2005 Tundra 4.7L
Calipers 2005 Tundra 4.7L 13WL angled hard-line connection or 13WG casting for straight hard-line connection

Mounting brackets Front range offroad Tacoma brake mounting kit
Tacoma Brake Mounting Kit

Hubs Toyota pick up 4x4 IFS hubs Cut down to fit inside tundra rotor

You would need 16" wheels minimum

Wheel studs DORMAN 610462 {#6104621, 9094202079, 972061} M12-1.50 Serrated Wheel Stud; 14.20mm Knurl; 44.10mm Length
or depending on wheel thickness
DORMAN 610463 M12-1.50 Serrated Wheel Stud; 14.20mm Knurl; 55mm Length

From another build thread, this link has pictures. This where I got the idea and details to make the upgrade.
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