1989 FJ62 NW Ohio (1 Viewer)

United States
Looking for a buyer for my 62. It has about 177,000 miles. Its a northern truck and has a bit of rust to deal with. The truck runs well and the 4x4 has no problems. I need 3,500 for the truck. If anyone is interested, I can send some picks. Thanks in advance
Oct 8, 2007
Toledo, Ohio

I tried to post some pictures to the website, but the pics are too big and I can't figure out how what program to use to reduce the file size. Anyway, the rust is in all the usual places, around the wheel well, door skins, tailgate. If you have a yahoo email, I can forward the pics as they are and you can see the condition clearly. The truck has 172,350 miles about on her. I don't drive it everyday, but maybe 3-4x a week. Let me know if you want the pics sent. Thanks

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