1985 FJ60, fuel injected, lots of work into it...

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Posting for a friend of mine since I have a star and can post pics for him (will be posting pics soon). He will chime in and answer questions and what not. He has a ton of $$$ into the truck and is selling it for a very reasonable price if you ask me. Why is he letting it go for so cheap? Moved onto other motorized sports like car racing and dual sport riding.

Vehicle: 1985 FJ-60 (fuel injected)
Location: Somerville/Boston, MA
Mileage: 109,000 - ish
Price: $5,000

Here is his description:

I bought this truck from a 60 yr old woman in CT ~2001. She/her ex appear to have been original owners. Still has Town of Greenwhich dump sticker on it for your ironic enjoyment. Had ~109K miles on it when I purchased, ~114k now.

Interior is in quite good shape, probably ‘excellent’ by ’60 standards. Body is somewhat smacked up, tried to capture most issues in pics, but rust is not bad. Mechanically, the list below speaks for itself. The truck is fuel injected, which works incredibly well, despite never having been tuned. Truck comes with a storage bin of the old carb gear.

I need the truck to exit my garage – other toys competing for the space. I know I will receive a tiny fraction of the $ I have invested here so it would be nice if truck went to someone who knew what it was, etc. I’m looking for $5,000 obo.
Truck is located in Somerville, MA.

I also have a high-lift jack (it’s still shiny), and four Goodyear MT/Rs 33-12.5-15’s mounted on black Rockcrawlers (~ 1,000 miles, perfect condition) that are for sale or may be included with truck. Thanks.

The list of goodies complete and work done:
  • Mount, balance 5 new tires Mich 31X10.5X15 LTX AT
  • Belts, alt, a/c, fan
  • Air injection pipe with valve
  • Filters, air, fuel, pcv valve
  • New brakes F/R, rotors, drums calipers, pads, hoses, lines
  • E-brake cable assembly
  • Exhaust front pipe gasket
  • Replace front axle seals, hub seal kit, Birf
  • Cooling system - all new hoses/lines, inc oil, thermostat
  • Replace clutch, pilot, flywheel resurface, clutch master, rear main seal
  • Replace and seal oil pan, gasket, plug
  • Distributor cap, rotor, plugs, wires
  • Front sway bar rebuild, steering shock
  • Grease drivetrain
  • Adjust timing
  • Install inner fender fairing
  • Replace crushed front brake line, driver side
  • Rear diff seal and oil, cover
  • Box, reinforce rear 2/3 of frame w/ 1/8 steel
  • Fuel delivery pipe
  • Fab new rear shock mount tube
  • Springs F/R 1.5 lift, ubolts, skid plates
  • 4 new shocks BDS oil, extended
  • 4 new shackles 1" lift Daystar
  • All new greasable hardware, pins, bolts, bushings
  • Extended sway link kit
  • Extend drag link, alignment
  • Caster wedges and pack pins on F springs
  • Window tint
  • Complete exhaust inc header and cat convt
  • Drag link
  • Fan clutch
  • New spare carrier, reinforce bracket
  • Remove all carb and intake hardware, resurface intake manifold, install all injection hardware, wiring, fuel delivery, pump ,etc
  • Fluids - diff, transfer, tranny
  • OEM water pump, alternator
  • Install mechanical gauges temp / oil
  • 4 core radiator
  • Headlights
  • Marine battery - lacking extended bracket
  • Auto-lockers F/R (Powertrax Lockright)

here are the pics of the truck
Any pictures of the frame? Is the price negotiable?
checked it out today. looks like its in pretty good shape for a northeast vehicle. frame was in pretty good shape too. the fuel injection conversion really cleans up the bay, lack of vacuum hoses is great.

mileage is at 114k, i think he bought it at 109k.

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