1985 FJ60 For Sale...

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United States
Please check out the parting out section...
LC 3.jpg
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supposed to list a price... ? looks pretty clean.

whassup w/modified exhaust, rear fender flares & aftermarket gauge?

Pix of interior tire mounting system?
I figured I would wait to see if anyone had any interest...Then we could talk about price etc...

regarding exhaust, gauge and spare tire...

The gauge is for oil pressure.

the exhaust is simply...on the side.

the spare is mounted to the side wall of the truck with a long screw and wingnut.
Not trying to bust your chops,
But if you do not have a price the mods will delete your thread, It is in the rules.
Thanks for the heads up all...I will read the rules next time, I might even follow them.

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